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Principality of Asturias

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Principality of Asturias

A visit to Asturias gives you the opportunity to remember sensations that are often forgotten, such as the sense of calm as you walk through lush green valleys, walking through grass, the smell of the sea at sunrise or the cool air brushing against your cheeks as you enjoy the views from the stunning natural viewpoints.

And these are not the only sensations that await you: Asturian cuisine is popular in Spain due to its rich flavours; the region boasts examples of unique Pre-Romanesque art; and its cities have reinvented themselves through their culture and architecture, leaving behind their more industrial past.

Natural paradise

This region in the north of Spain invites you to reconnect with nature and dedicate some well deserved time to yourself and to practice the pleasure of self care. Asturias is a good place for doing this at a gentle pace, with delicious food and all the natural landscapes within your reach. There is a reason that it is so well-known as a natural paradise.Asturias is, in essence, nature and wellbeing, a trip on which you eat well, rest and go with the flow in the rural interior of the region, enjoy the life of its cities and the charm of its seaside towns. 

Heritage and modernity

Asturias is home to various World Heritage sites which you can visit: the pre-Romanesque churches on the outskirts of Oviedo, the stretches of the St James Way that pass through the region, various prehistoric caves with cave paintings, the Holy Chamber of the Cathedral of Oviedo and the fountain of the Foncalada (these last two landmarks are in Oviedo).The three main cities in the region are Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. The first of these was the setting of one of Woody Allen's films and the inspiration for writers such as Clarín. A stroll through its old town reveals, for example, the Teatro Campoamor, home of the prestigious Príncipe de Asturias Awards ceremony. Gijón is a city by the sea, with a wonderful seaside promenade alongside its urban beach, an old fishing neighbourhood with spectacular views and the modern Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, a cultural centre that has revitalised the old university. For its part, Avilés boasts one of the best preserved old towns in Asturias and the modern Niemeyer Centre, the latest creation in Europe from the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Sociedad Pública de Gestión y Promoción Turística y Cultural del Principado de Asturias, S.A.U.

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura. C/ Luis Moya Blanco, 261 (Gijón, Asturias)



+34 985 185 860

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