Silencio beach, Asturias

Beaches in Asturias where you can get away from it all

Principality of Asturias

Asturias is a real feast for the eyes thanks to its natural landscapes. But out of all of them, perhaps the most magical are those where the green of the vegetation meets the blue of the sea. We'll show you some of the beaches where you can switch off and really relax.

El Silencio beach

This beach, half a kilometre long, lies at the foot of a cliff. And just as its name suggests, after walking down a hundred steps and stepping onto the sand, the peace and silence between the cliffs is amazing.

Silencio beach, Cudillero, Asturias

Gulpiyuri beach

This is a very special little beach. It's scarcely 50 m long but nonetheless is considered a national monument. This is an inland beach, where the seawater tunnels between the cliffs until it reaches this small area of fine sand.

Gulpiyuri beach, Asturias

Cuevas de Mar beach

A beach in the shape of a shell surrounded by high cliffs; so far, everything you'd expect from a beach in Asturias. But wait until the tide goes out, because it's then that you'll see the cliffs transform into caves. This is also a protected area thanks to its plant life and geology.

Cuevas de Mar beach, Asturias

Poó beach

On Poo beach (pronounced Po) it's difficult to see the horizon, because the cliffs get in the way. These same rock formations are what keeps the water so calm, perfect for a relaxing dip. Located right at the mouth of the River Vallina, when the tide comes in it's worth watching how the sea encroaches on the river. The beauty of the beaches in Asturias is the way that nature meets with the sea. Here you're sure to find the perfect beach to relax and unwind.

Poo beach, Asturias
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