Surfer on the beach in the town of Sopelana, Bizkaia.

In the north of Spain, you'll find perfect beaches for a refreshing swim


The northern coast of Spain is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most spectacular in the country. Big waves, towering cliffs, and the Cantabrian Sea at your feet. Check out three of the prettiest beaches in the region. Get ready to dive into the destination you’ve been dreaming of.

Rodiles beach (Asturias)

On the eastern side of the Villaviciosa estuary near the village of Selorio, Rodiles beach is a great place to spend the day.Nature here is lush and a little wild. So, it's no surprise that the beach lies within the Ría de Villaviciosa Nature Reserve. A protected natural space where the landscape has been carefully conserved.When the tide goes out, the dunes turn to gold. This is a perfect spot for going for a stroll, lying in the sun and enjoying that holiday you so richly deserve.There's also a eucalyptus forest nearby. At midday you can take a break from the sun, and if you feel like it, have a delicious picnic. In the afternoon you can take some time to explore the surrounding area. Extensive meadows, dense pine woods, the Punta de Rodiles viewpoint, and the beaches of Misiego, and on the other side of the estuary, Praia do Puntal.

Rodiles beach in Asturias

Playa de los Locos beach (Cantabria)

The two biggest attractions of Playa de los Locos beach are fine sand and massive waves. The name is very apt, as it attracts people from all over Spain who are crazy about surfing. You can enjoy a fun atmosphere with a young crowd. Plunge into the crystal-clear blue waters of the Cantabrian Sea.  And discover the Roca Blanca or Punta del Dichoso, a little peninsula on the western side of the estuary, Ría de San Martín de la Arena. From the highest point you can look out over the Cantabrian coast and make out the Suances lighthouse. There is easy access to the beach, as a long flight of steps takes you down onto the sands. Nearby you'll find parking areas, bars and even restaurants where you can indulge your palate with some of the traditional local dishes. A Seafood Fair is held in Suances each year in April and May. Its delicacies are renowned, such as fresh lobster, crayfish, crab, and langoustines. 

Playa de los Locos beach on the Cantabrian Sea, Cantabria

Barinatxe beach (Bizkaia)

Barinatxe beach, affectionately known in the local area as ‘the wild beach’, is located between the towns of Sopelana and Getxo.The beach is broad, and completely unspoilt. It is flanked by spectacular cliffs and there's a nudist area at one side.On these 700 metres of fine sand, you can go for a stroll, play paddleball, volleyball, or beach football, and if you're feeling daring, go paragliding. This is a beach that has it all: stunning views, a great climate, and a great atmosphere. Seeing will be believing. As on Playa de los Locos, there are often good waves for surfing. You can see the waves for yourself in the areas known as La Triangular, La Batidora and La Corriente. Do you dare? 

Barinatxe beach, between Sopelana and Getxo in Bizkaia, Basque Country.
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