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Did you know that Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world? There are many reasons, and the best way to find them out for yourself is a trip to Spain. You can visit amazing World Heritage sites, enjoy delicious food, and discover stunning landscapes. In Spain, all the good stories can come true. Get your own story started with some interesting facts and anecdotes about the places that could be your next holiday destination.


Spain at a glance

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Interesting facts: 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 15 World Heritage Cities. European Union member state since 1986
Capital: Madrid. 17 Autonomous Regions and 2 Autonomous Cities. Government: Parliamentary monarchy
Over 46 million inhabitants
3,000 hours of sunshine a year
8,000 km of coastline
Official languages: castellano (Spanish), gallego (Galician), catalán (Catalan), euskera (Basque), and valenciano (Valencian)

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The Spanish language is spoken by over 580 million people worldwide.

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