Olive oil

Festivals in Spain in November


November in Spain offers you the chance to enjoy all sorts of gastronomic festivals and events where as well as tastings there are also other activities on offer, such as musical performances, workshops, markets, and exhibitions. For example, this is the case with the Jornadas del Olivar y del Aceite in Baena (day long events in celebration of olives and olive oil) and the Orujo Festival in Potes. Visitors can also try the famous fabada (a traditional rich stew made with white beans and a range of different meats) and other typical Asturian dishes during the Festival of San Martín and the Humanitarian Festival, where you’ll find no shortage of traditional Asturian bagpipe music. And during the week of 1 November, the All Saints’ Day Fair is held in Concentaina, where the variety of markets and different activities pull in the crowds.Here you can see some of the festivals that usually take place in Spain in November: