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Visa and passport

Visa and passport. What should you bear in mind?


Do you want to know if you need a visa to enter Spain, depending on your country of origin and what types of visas there are, according to the duration of your stay, and how to obtain them? Here you will find information on all of this.

  • When you need visas and entry requirements

    Passports are always required except for citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, or countries that are members of the European Economic Area. In these cases, citizens can travel with a valid identity card (except for minors, who must have a parental permit).

    Visas are generally required for all other tourists, except when an international agreement signed with Spain, or another country from the Schengen area indicates otherwise, or when the tourist holds a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by another state in the Schengen area. The authorities may also request that the reason for the trip be indicated and justified with documentation such as a booking for an organised trip, proof that the place of accommodation is real, or a letter of invitation.

    In all cases, the tourist must be able to prove their access to economic resources to support themselves in Spain and to return to their country. All documentation must be current, have a minimum validity of three months and have been issued within the previous ten years.

    The maximum stay in Spain as a tourist is three months.

    You can read more information and learn about exceptions on the website of the Ministry of the Interior

    Since conditions may vary, we suggest that you contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to verify these requirements before you start your trip.

  • Types of visas and where to get them

    Short-stay visas: this is the general visa for tourists and allows them to stay and travel through Spain for 90 days. They are issued by the Spanish embassies or consulates in the country of origin. Visas issued by any member of the Schengen Area are also valid.

    Long-term visas: required for any foreigner who wants to stay in Spain for more than 90 days in a maximum period of 180 days, except for citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

    An airport transit visa is also required for some third countries.