Complaining. How do you make a tourist complaint?


During your stay in Spain, you have the right to receive tourist services with the quality and characteristics advertised by the companies that offer them. If this is not the case, you can make a complaint at the establishment itself or the headquarters of the company you are complaining about. They must have documents known as “claim forms” available for customers, which they will advertise on a notice placed in a clearly visible place for the clientele.

  • To complete the claim, you must fill in the claim form and give one copy to the establishment and another to the Directorate General for Tourism of the autonomous region you are in at the time. You can also do this through any of the registration offices of the administrative bodies and many tourist offices. This process can lead to a fine for the company you are claiming from.

    If you wish to receive financial compensation for your claim, you must file it with the Law Courts or request arbitration from the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs. The arbitration application must be opened at the municipal consumer information offices (OMIC) or the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs of each autonomous region.