Companion animals

Pets. Are you travelling with yours?


There are three general rules: animals should be accompanied by their owners or representatives, must be duly identified and must have their accompanying animal health certificate, which should include a copy written in Spanish. In most cases, pets must be identified with a legible tattoo or microchip.

  • Also, if you have a puppy, remember that it cannot travel with you if it is under three months old and is therefore not vaccinated for rabies. It can also not travel until 21 days after the first vaccination.

    You can find more details by clicking on the following links to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. travelling with pets and animal health regulations applicable when entering spain eith your pet.

    When in Spain, it is advisable to remember that pets are normally not allowed into restaurants. In the case of dogs, it is more usual for them to be allowed on the terrace. In some cases they might need to have a muzzle or be tied up. When looking for accommodation, we recommend that, when making your booking, you check that you can have your pet with you.

    On public transport in most cities in Spain, small pets generally can travel if they are in a carrier. Dogs weighing over 10 kilogrammes have more limited access in almost all cases. If you travel by train, on high-speed and long-distance trains a ticket is required for the animal even if it is not occupying a seat.

    In all cases, these rules of toleration apply if there is no opposition from other customers and there are no disturbances.