Boating. What documents are needed?


Are you thinking of enjoying your trip on board your own or a rented boat? In Spain, you can sail on board a catamaran, in a yacht or in a motorboat... Here's some basic advice that will help you know whether you need a sailing license and if there are any other requirements.

  • Generally, you will not need a recreational boating certificate to go out to a maximum distance of 2 miles from the coast if you do so in a boat with a maximum power of 11.26 kW and up to 5 metres in length. You also will not need one if the boat is a sailboat and it is not over 6 metres in length. In all cases, you must be at least 18 years of age.             

    A boating certificate is required if the boat exceeds the preceding characteristics. It is also required for piloting watercraft.

    If you go in your own boat, remember that insurance is mandatory and that you must have documents proving its registration in the country of origin and its ownership.

    If you are renting a boat and your boating certificate was not issued in Spain, you will need a permit from the competent Harbour Master certifying that the foreign certificate is valid for that boat. This procedure normally takes place through the rental company.