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Basilica of El Pilar in Zaragoza (Aragon)


A great city with lots to discover


It is one of Europe’s great cities, recognisable for its stunning Basilica of El Pilar and for its festivities held every October.

Highlights of a visit to the city include a Moorish palace, a Roman forum, avant-garde bridges, a museum dedicated to the great Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, and of course, tapas in the district of El Tubo.

Spaces full of life

Large squares, spacious pedestrian areas in the centre, an area known for its bars, a huge city park, kilometres of bike lanes... Zaragoza is one of those destinations where it is easy to feel at home.The city revolves around the large Plaza del Pilar, the setting for the city’s main celebrations. El Tubo, the quintessential district for tapas, is just 15 minutes from the iconic square. And throughout this area there are many pedestrian streets full of places to shop. They include Alfonso I, the nearby Calle Don Jaime and Avenida del Coso.Zaragoza stands next to one of Spain’s most important rivers, the Ebro. You can ride a bicycle along part of its banks, from the old town to the Agua Luis Buñuel Metropolitan Park. On the way you can take in the different designs of its bridges, from the historical Puente de Piedra stone bridge, to the avant-garde Pabellón Puente pavilion bridge, created to mark the 2008 International Exhibition. In the park you can visit one of Europe’s largest river aquariums.

And a monumental city

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar is Zaragoza’s leading monument. One of the city’s symbols and one of its two cathedrals along with the nearby Seo. In addition to visiting both churches, it’s worth climbing to the basilica’s viewpoint to take in the city. La Seo and the church of San Pablo are part the Aragon Mudejar art declared a World Heritage Site.Another essential visit is the Aljafería Palace. Despite seeming like a military palace with no relation to the Moorish world, inside it houses a mosque, a courtyard of orange trees, and wonderful examples of Moorish architecture.Zaragoza offers two very interesting cultural routes. The first follows in the footsteps of artist Francisco de Goya in the city. The second reveals the Roman past of Zaragoza with visits to the Forum Museum or the Caesaraugusta Theatre Museum, among others.

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Practical information

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How to get to aeroplane

  • Zaragoza Airport is 10 kilometres outside the city.

  • There is a bus (route 501) and a taxi service to the city.

  • Bus to the city centre: 45 minutes.

  • Car to the city centre: Approximately 20 minutes on the N-125 and A-2.

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How to get to train

  • High-speed train links from cities including Barcelona (about 1 hour 30 minutes), Granada (4 hours 20 minutes), Madrid (1 hour 20 minutes), Huesca (45 minutes), Malaga (4 hours 10 minutes) and Seville (3 hours 40 minutes).

  • If you come to Zaragoza by train, you will arrive at Zaragoza Delicias Intermodal Station, near the city centre.

  • There is a taxi rank at the station exit.

  • The bus routes 51, Ci1, Ci2 and 34 stop at the station.

  • Book tickets.

How to get to bus

  • If you come to Zaragoza by coach, you will arrive at Zaragoza Delicias Intermodal Station, near the city centre.

  • The bus routes 51, Ci1, Ci2 and 34 stop at the station. All other bus routes stop at Delicias Civic Centre, next to the station, or nearby.

How to get there by road

  • From Madrid, the A-2 motorway.

  • From Barcelona, the AP-2 and A-2 motorways.

  • From Bilbao, the AP-68 motorway.

How to get around in bus

  • Most buses usually run from 06:30 to 22:00. More information on routes, times and prices. 

  • Several different sightseeing bus options are available: daytime, night-time, Megabus, and sightseeing buses for groups.

How to get around in metro/tram

  • One tram line travels through the city.

  • It usually runs from 06:00 to 00:00.

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How to get around in other means of transport

Practical information

  • The Zaragoza Family tourist card provides discounts in various establishments, including the Water Park and the Amusement Park, and the Chocopass is a voucher for sampling chocolate creations in five different shops.