Bicycling tourist on The Senda del Oso in Asturias

Bike routes near the rivers in Asturias

Principality of Asturias

Do you go everywhere by bike? Asturias, located in northern Spain, is perfect for exploring on two wheels. But best of all, you’ll meet up with some of the rivers that cross the region. Pure, unspoiled nature that’ll leave a lasting imprint. So, pump up those tyres and get ready to roll!

The Path of the Bear 

This is one of the best-known itineraries for bikers and hikers, whatever your level of experience. Originally a railway line, it’s now a Greenway that passes through the villages of Quirós, Santo Adriano, Proaza and Teverga. On this excursion you might even be lucky enough to spot a Cantabrian brown bear. It’s a route of around 30 kilometres, and you’ll see that on the map it looks rather like an inverted ‘Y’. You could do the whole thing in one go - if you’re feeling particularly energetic - although we’d recommend doing it in two stages so that you can fully enjoy your surroundings. If you choose to do this, you’ll go to the left of the Trubia river, later leaving it on your right, and taking the path between the river and the road. Great for a getaway, or if you’re travelling around Asturias. La Senda del Oso is very near Oviedo, the capital of the region. 

 Bicycling tourist on The Senda del Oso in Asturias

The Cider Trail

On this one you can pay homage to cider, that most typical of Asturian drinks, as you pedal through the areas where it’s most highly appreciated. However, you do need to bear in mind that it’s not really suitable for beginners.This is a circular trail around 45 kilometres long that starts out in Nava. There you can visit the Cider Museum and set out on your journey very well informed! You’ll pass through villages such as Pintueles, Anayo and Sietes, travelling through thick forests, and over a stretch of rugged landscapes by the Piloña river. When you get to Villaviciosa, you’ll be at the halfway point. Here you can stop off and check out the Ría de Villaviciosa Partial Nature Reserve. 

Above, the surroundings of Nava. Below, the Ría de Villaviciosa Partial Nature Reserve in Asturias

The Cycling Loop

This is a trail that allows you to get to know the Central Mountain area of Asturias. A route that’s 165 kilometres long, and that is divided into eight stages. The GR-208 is ideal for MTB (mountain bike) lovers. It’s well signposted and easy to follow, but it is challenging. Along the way you’ll immerse yourself in magnificent natural landscapes such as the Sierra del Aramo, the Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park, the Vía Carisa and the Protected Landscape of the Cuencas Mineras. In the final stage you’ll be able to ride along the banks of the Nalón river, and so bring to an end a wonderful experience in Asturias. 

 Cyclist on a forest trail in Asturias

The Aller River Route

A linear route. On this trail you’ll ride your mountain bike along the banks of the river. To get to the Vegarada pass, you’ll ride through the ash, hazel and beech trees that are so typical of this area... And throughout the two hours you spend on the trail, you’ll have the best of background music: the sounds of the river. 

 Moreda de Aller, a town through which the route of the Aller River runs in Asturias