The Transcantábrico Gran Lujo train

The luxury of travelling through Green Spain by tourist train


This is the proposal: forget your hectic life aboard one of the best tourist trains in the world. Sounds good, doesn't it? And wouldn't it be great if the train ran through the mountains, valleys, cliffs and beaches of Green Spain? This is the route of two tourist trains: the Transcantábrico Gran Lujo and the Costa Verde Express, two authentic “cruises on rails”.

A cultural and gastronomic trip through Northern Spain and the comfort of travelling aboard luxury trains. These are what these two tourist trains offer. The Transcantábrico Gran Lujo train connects the city of Donostia – San Sebastián (in the Basque Country) with Santiago de Compostela (in Galicia) in a journey that spans eight days and seven nights, as well as another one lasting four days and three nights in the case of the special short route. The Costa Verde Express links the cities of Bilbao (in the Basque Country) with Gijón (in Asturias) in a six-day, five-night trip and in a three-day, two-night trip in the case of the special short route. 

What’s so special about this journey?

You'll wind through green valleys and mountains, practically skimming the waves of the Cantabrian Sea. Because narrow-gauge lines are capable of venturing inside some of nature’s most beautiful hidden nooks and crannies. The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia are all waiting for you.

Leave your watch at home and prepare to enjoy the views from the train windows, with stops at unique destinations. Want to know about some of them? The “Peine de los Vientos” sculpture in San Sebastian, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the coastal city of Santander, the Altamira Caves in Santillana del Mar, Picos de Europa National Park in Asturias, pre-Romanesque monuments in Oviedo, the old quarters in Gijon and Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Many of them are UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, there are many places more to visit than this. And for your convenience you'll also have a multilingual guide along the whole route, as well as a bus to take you to each place and back to the train.

Inside the Transcantábrico Gran Lujo train

Carriages fitted with every possible comfort

As well as the sightseeing routes, the train themselves make these trips even more enjoyable. These are exceptional examples of Belle Epoque design, and thoughtfully equipped for your comfort. Imagine a team of professionals at your service, international daily newspapers, Deluxe Suites and Gran Clase Rooms with ensuite bathroom, hydro-sauna, turbo massage, steam shower... And if you feel like some entertainment, don't miss the elegant lounge carriages with a bar and a dance floor, or quieter spaces where you can take in a film or play board games with your companion. And best of all: large windows so you don't miss any of the spectacular views.

Inside the Transcantábrico Gran Lujo train

First-rate cuisine

The Transcantábrico Gran Lujo and the Costa Verde Express are an invitation to enjoy nature, culture, and of course, good food. During your journey you'll enjoy delicious buffet and à la carte breakfasts in the lounge cars. But the best part comes later: both services includes lunch and dinner in some of the finest restaurants along the route. Genuine gourmet destinations where you'll be able to sample the most delicious traditional dishes of northern Spain, always accompanied by choice wines.Although the trains normally run from March to October, if you wish to travel at other times the Transcantábrico can also tailor a trip, as long as you request it in advance.

Pintxo at a bar in Donostia - San Sebastián

Now is the moment to treat yourself to a trip on these luxury trains. You'll share landscapes, flavours, monuments and sensations that you'll remember for ever. Surrender to the charms of this journey and discover places you've always dreamed of visiting. Because when you see the landscapes of Green Spain right outside your window, you'll understand the true pleasure of travelling on the Transcantábrico Gran Lujo.