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Culinary fairs and competitions in Spain

The best way to approach food in Spain is by tasting it, but the latest trends are on show in trade fairs and events that bring together leading chefs and experts from around the world. Many of them organise parallel activities for the general public, and these are an opportunity to enjoy classes, tastings and exhibition cooking.

Competitions and exhibition cooking

National tapas competition: a tribute to these small and tasty culinary creations. A very Spanish way of eating which is rapidly becoming popular around the world. This is an annual event, usually held in November in Valladolid. Around 50 of the city’s restaurants take part, and the winning tapas will be available all year. The Tourist Office has a route to guide you to the best tapas.San Sebastián Gastronómika: one of the world’s most important haute cuisine conferences, held in a city internationally famous for its “pintxos”, Donostia – San Sebastián. This event has open activities such as tastings and culinary creation workshops. It is usually held in October.

Spanish ham slicing championship

Madrid Fusión: one of the highest-impact culinary fairs is held in Madrid in late January. The city also has a wide schedule of activities, such as the Gastrofestival in May. Art centres, museums and restaurants take part with guided tours, tastings, workshops, etc.

Professional trade fairs

Salón Gourmet: considered the largest European trade fair dedicated only to top quality foods, held annually in Madrid. Although it is mainly geared at professionals, the Senses Workshop focuses on students and non-professional members of the public with activities on the sensory perception of foods.

Cooking workshop at the National Museum of Anthropology for Gastrofestival, part of the Madrid Fusión event

Salón Alimentaria: this annual event in Barcelona gathers experts from around the world. It includes plenty of lectures and round tables with the participation of some of the best-known chefs on the planet. For example, in 2016 there were over 70 masterclasses and over 30 Michelin stars.Forum Gastronómico: hosted by Barcelona, Girona and A Coruña in rotation. The event is a showcase for food innovations, and also organises tastings and exhibition cooking of top quality products like wines, truffles, olive oils and hams. It is held every year.Vinoble: a special fair because it is exclusively devoted to fortified and sweet wines and liqueurs. It is held on even-numbered years in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz), the place which produces one of Spain’s most popular sweet wines. In the city, it’s a good idea to follow a route to its main wineries.

Judges of the Cook of the Year competition with Martín Berasategui and Oriol Castro
Toast with duck and orange

Content taken from the website of Gastro Marca España, from the Association of Friends of the Real Academia de la Gastronomía.

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