Lesbian couple in Madrid

Celebrate Pride in Madrid, Ibiza and Sitges


Spain is one of the most LGBTQI+ friendly countries in the world, as demonstrated by the wide range of different LGBTQI+ festivals and activities here. So whatever holiday destination you choose, from Madrid to the Balearic Islands, you’ll find fun things to do everywhere.

Some of the most iconic LGBTQI+ festivals are held in Spain. These events are full of colour, are usually held outdoors, include interesting cultural options, and most important of all, everyone is there to have a good time.Madrid Pride (MADO) is celebrated in the Chueca district during LGBTQI+ Pride Week. The festival is held alongside the largest demonstration in Europe, which takes place on the first Saturday of July. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the Madrid pride week. Sitges is another of Spain’s most LGBTQI+ friendly locations, a beautiful coastal town that is perfect for enjoying a fantastic holiday in Spain. Sitges has managed to stay small and maintain its original charm for decades.

Madrid City Council

The island of Ibiza is full of traditional Mediterranean charm, but it is also known worldwide for its party culture. The island is continually coming up with new ways to cater to the LGBTQI+ community. It is an absolutely perfect location for sharing romantic moments as a couple.LGBTQI+ tourism continues to grow every year in Spain. A succession of fiestas and festivals and the welcoming climate make Spain the perfect place to party like never before.

The beach at Cala d'Hort, Ibiza
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