Festival of Moors and Christians in Murcia

Feierlichkeit von nationalem touristischen Interesse

This is a great theatrical performance where the actors are archetypal Murcia locals themselves. The streets are used as stages to celebrate the patron saint of the town and to commemorate the times of the Reconquest.

Most of the acts take place in the Mediaeval Encampment in San Esteban garden. Although the festival runs over several days, the main events take place on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the town's Patron Saint Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Fuensanta. Saturday is the ‘Entry Day' where most groups hold passacaglia around the town's neighbourhoods. When night falls, the groups led by Prince Alfonso of Castile and the Moor King Ibn Hud of Murcia offer a performance akin to a military parade. Sunday is ‘Foundation Day' where the Moorish or Foundation of Murcia Embassy (a representation dating to popular theatre from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries) takes place in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga square with the Cathedral as a backdrop. On Monday the Christian Embassy is performed showing the handing-over of the keys to the city.  

Festival of Moors and Christians in Murcia

Murcia  (Region Murcia)