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Muslim medieval Madrid Tour: the origins

A unique tour, which will allow you to know the origins of the city of Madrid. From its Muslim citadel in the mid-9th century until the arrival of Alfonso VI at the end of the 11th century. A journey back in time where you can see the most interesting archaeological remains from that time, as well as discover how those first people from Madrid lived.An experience that will surprise you more than you think. And all this with our specialists; archaeologists and historians who will make the tour a true journey through time. A trip to the Middle Ages. Would you like to join us?

Preis Ab: 60.0€ pro Person (einschließlich Steuern)
Aktivitäten in folgenden Sprachen verfügbar Spanisch, Englisch
Ort Madrid (Madrid)
Dauer  2 Stunden, 30 Minuten
Kategorie der Aktivität Städtetourismus, Stadtrundfahrten
Für wen? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBTQI+, Senior
Veranstalter Viajes Iverem. Viajes culturales y arqueológicos
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