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Jamones Eíriz Jabugo is one of the oldest ham cellars, elaborating in an artisan way, in the natural park of Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Iberian acorn-fed hams and cured meats. The touristic activity we realize try to transfer en environmental respect, a way of live around the Iberian pig as a culture, a profession, the discovery of a Biosphere Reserve classified by the UNESCO, a unique and singular taste.We are located at one hour from Seville, two hours from the airport of Faro or Jerez de la Frontera.We divided our experience in three phases:- The PASTURES so you can discover in detail the habitat and the raising of the acorn-fed Iberian pig free range. - The NATURAL CELLARS, you will see step-by-step all the phases of the traditional method of production. - The EXCLUSIVE TASTING of the traditionally-made products married to our D.O. Condado de Huelva wine selection in our tasting hall.We will receive you in a warm and personal place. Duration: 2,5/3 hours. Choose between 5 languages your visit.

Preis 42.5€ pro Person (einschließlich Steuern)
Aktivitäten in folgenden Sprachen verfügbar Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch
Ort Corteconcepción (Huelva)
Dauer  2 Stunden, 30 Minuten
Datum verfügbar ab: 30-12-2020
Datum verfügbar bis: 30-01-2022
Kategorie der Aktivität Gastronomie, Schinken richtig genießen, Natur, Ökotourismus
Für wen? Junge Leute, Familien, Erwachsene ohne Kinder, Senioren, LGBT
Veranstalter Jamones Eíriz Jabugo
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