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 Combarro, Pontevedra

Holidays with the salt tang of the sea: a few of Spain’s fishing villages where you can unwind


Hidden around Spain’s more than 8,000 milometers of coastline you’ll find some of the prettiest fishing villages in Europe. Bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, these tranquil locations will surprise with their irresistible seafaring traditions. An authentic delight that needs to be seen - and one that should be tasted too. Read on and discover two fishing villages you absolutely must remember to visit. Perfect for a getaway with a bit of that salt tang of the sea. 

Lastres (Asturias), declared to be an “Exemplary Town”

Located in the eastern part of the Principality of Asturias, the village of Lastres has been officially designated an Artistic-Historical Site since 2010 and was awarded the ‘Exemplary Town’ prize by the Prince of Asturias for its natural setting and historical value.One of the best-known places is the fishing harbour, where hundreds of small, coloured boats are moored in the sand, and two impressive canons look out over the bay. A bay of calm, transparent waters that you’ll love. A feeling of peace and tranquillity that invites you to refresh yourself and study the old district of the town from the sands.

View of Lastres, Asturias

In the centre you’ll find the church of Santa María de Sábada, declared an Artistic-Historical Monument, and the Torre del Reloj that used to be responsible for warning the villagers when pirates were approaching. And what’s more there’s lots to tickle your taste-buds as there’s a rich local cuisine based on fresh fish and seafood. Try pixín, the most famous type of monkfish in Asturias, served either pan fried with a sauce, or simply with rice.Round off your getaway by climbing up to the San Roque viewpoint, considered by many to offer one of the most spectacular panoramas in the village, and possibly in the whole of Asturias.

Tourist strolling through Lastres, Asturias

Combarro (Galicia), the village with the most hórreos

In the north of the peninsula lies Galicia. A region that’s well-known thanks to the Way of St. James, its cuisine and its lush green forests, and also for its coastline. The fishing village of Combarro, very close to Pontevedra, is a part of what are known as the Rías Baixas, which means that it’s on the west coast of this region. But the thing that stands out most about the place are the hórreos. But what exactly are hórreos? They’re essentially granaries that were built up high to keep the grain dry and well away from the animals.Combarro has more than 30 of them, so why not take a pleasant stroll and at the same time learn a bit more about this type of construction? It’s such an unusual spot that the old part of the village has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest. You’ll feel like leaving it all behind and taking to the seas! 

Combarro at sunset
Fishing nets in Combarro

Tabarca (Valencia Region), the only village on the island

As soon as you get on the boat from Santa Pola, about 20 kilometres from Alicante, you’ll start to feel a sea breeze that’ll always stay with you.This is the only inhabited island in the whole of the Valencia Region, and it’s characterised by crystalline subtropical waters of an intense turquoise. If you love scuba diving, you’ll have a great time here, with seagrass (posidonia), shoals of bright fish, and if you’re lucky starfish and turtles as well.

Above: beach in Tabarca. Below: girl snorkeling on the island

There are more villages on the island, but the houses in Tabarca still retain all their personality as part of a fishing community.Did you know that until recently it was called Planesia? At that time Berber pirates took advantage of its strategic position for their looting.If you’re still wanting more, and you’d like to get to know some of the other pretty fishing villages that Spain has to offer, discover Fornells, in the Balearic Islands; Cudillero in Asturias Nerja in Andalusiía; or Mundaka in Vizcaya. Villages to fall in love with.

Tabarca, Alicante