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Sampling a seafood paella

10 dishes to try in Spain


It’s said that there is no love more sincere than a love of food, and that you never know any country completely until you’ve tried its cuisine. So, come to Spain and let yourself be enchanted by its Mediterranean diet. Whether you’re travelling in the north, the south, the coast or inland, every corner of Spain has a delicious dish just waiting for you. Read on and get ready to work up an appetite!

  • Valencian paella

    Valencia: land of paella

    Without a shadow of a doubt, of all the varieties of paella, the Valencian version is the most authentic. Rice, chicken, rabbit, vegetables, snails, tomato and saffron. A wonderful combination of flavours that will leave you lost for words. In particular, we recommend trying the socarrat: the layer of toasted rice that forms during the last few minutes of cooking. Delicious!

  • Empanada gallega

    Galicia: empanadas gallegas

    If you go to Galicia, you simply have to try their empanadas – a sort of filled pasty. They consist of a thin layer of pastry filled with a variety of ingredients, though the classic combination is tuna and sweet pepper. A very simple and well-rounded dish that you’re sure to love.

  • Cod ‘al pil-pil’

    Basque Country: bacalao al pil pil

    One of the jewels of Basque cuisine is the codfish recipe known as bacalao al pil pil. It’s cooked, of course, in olive oil, which combines with the gelatin in the cod to form the famous sauce known as salsa ligada. What’s more, you won’t want to pass up on the garlic and chilli (or ajo y guindilla): a dish with true personality.

  • Calçots

    Catalonia: enjoy traditional calçotadas

    If you’re visiting Catalonia in January, February or March, you’re in luck! These are the months when the Catalans harvest the calçot, a type of onion traditionally grilled on the barbecue. Naturally, the best part is eating them: be prepared to get your fingers greasy and don’t forget to spread some Romesco sauce on your calçots.

  • Pisto manchego

    Castille-La Mancha: authentic pisto manchego

    How can something so simple be so delicious? That’s what you’ll be asking yourself after you’ve tried pisto manchego. This is a stew made from tomatoes and sweet peppers. A healthy, balanced dish that’s usually topped off with a fried egg. Bon appétit!

  • Cocido Madrileño

    Madrid: discover cocido

    If you’re a fan of food you can eat with a spoon, cocido madrileño is always an excellent choice. Discover this stew of chickpeas, vegetables, beef, and bacon. Served in a clay dish, it’s an unmissable culinary experience.

  • Migas extremeñas (fried breadcrumbs).

    Extremadura: you’ll love its migas

    If you like bread, you simply have to try migas extremeñas. This a dish consisting of day-old bread, chorizo, smoked paprika, garlic, parsley, salt and olive oil. In Spain, waste-not-want-not dishes become true delicacies.

  • Gazpacho

    Andalusia: try the gazpacho

    The heat of southern Spain cries out for a recipe as refreshing as gazpacho andaluz. A tomato-based dish that is not only nourishing but absolutely delicious.

  • Ensaimada pastry

    The Balearic Islands: the best ensaimadas

    If you’re a food lover with a sweet tooth, this traditional Balearic dessert is for you. Sugary pastries stuffed with various fillings such as cabello de ángel (pumpkin jam), custard, cream or even chocolate. Whichever you choose, every ensaimada is utterly delicious!

  • Papas arrugadas

    The Canary Islands: papas arrugadas

    This classic Spanish dish is the number one tapa in the Canary Islands. Canarian potatoes cooked in plenty of sea salt and served with mojo picón, a spicy sauce that can be either red or green, depending on whether the main ingredients are red peppers or coriander and garlic.  Although Spanish cuisine is extremely varied, all its dishes have one thing in common: they’ll always leave you wanting more. So, what are you waiting for? 

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