The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet: Spain has been declared the healthiest country in the world


Spain is the healthiest country in the world, at least according to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, which rates up to 169 nations and is compiled by taking a wide range of different indicators into account, plus studies by the UN, the World Bank and the World Health Organisation.

Apart from other factors, the Spanish lifestyle is based on the Mediterranean diet, which was one of the key points in this classification.Why? In Spain the Mediterranean diet is a culinary adventure where you’ll find an endless number of dishes and places to enjoy a wide variety of delicious and above all healthy food.But do you know how to enjoy the Mediterranean diet? The best way is by getting to know the country's traditional cooking, and the fresh ingredients that are such an important part of this diet. But that's not all! It's also about enjoying the preparation of the food, the wonderful smells, the quality of the produce used, and above all sharing it with your friends and family.  

Couple eating the Mediterranean diet in Mallorca

Which products are the stars of the Mediterranean diet? The most famous is olive oil, known as "liquid gold". This is obtained from olives and is rich in oleic acid which lowers cholesterol levels. Fruit and vegetables are also an essential part of Spanish recipes - for example, bananas from the Canary Islands, and the grapes, which play such an important role in New Year celebrations in Spain, among many others.Some traditional dishes are fresh salads in summer based on potatoes or lettuce; piping hot stews with pulses, vegetables and meat in winter; or an excellent paella with rice, saffron, chicken, rabbit, green beans, tomato, and salt. And so many other healthy dishes!   

Olive oil
Bread with tomato and olive oil. Mediterranean diet
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