View of the Castle of Trevejo

Relax and unwind: a tour of the lovely villages of Extremadura


Extremadura has some truly beautiful cities such as Cáceres and Mérida (both of which have been awarded World Heritage status), Trujillo and Plasencia. However, today we’re going to venture into the region’s prettiest and often least known villages, which are perfect for spending a lazy few days. 

Rural getaway in the Sierra de Badajoz mountain range

To the south, in the province of Badajoz, there are many municipalities with beautiful old quarters that are worth a visit. Llerena, with its whitewashed houses and buildings that combine Gothic, Mudéjar and Baroque styles, is one of them. Not far from here, at the foot of the Sierra de Castellar mountains, is Zafra. Did you know that it’s called “Sevilla la chica” (little Seville) because of its beautiful architecture? Sitting in the sun and enjoying a drink and a snack in either of the two squares, La Grande or La Chica, is one of life’s simple pleasures.45 kilometres from Zafra, the Baroque bell towers of Jerez de los Caballeros are really striking, and if you decide to visit Fregenal de la Sierra you’ll be impressed by the huge Templar castle, which even has a bullring and a food market inside. And another recommendation: Olivenza, a little town where you can admire the mix of Spanish and Portuguese traditions and heritage.

Top: view of the town of Zafra in Extremadura / Bottom: bridge linking Portugal and Spain in Olivenza, Extremadura

A weekend in Las Hurdes and the Sierra de Gata mountains

To the north of the province of Cáceres you’ll find the Sierra de Gata and Las Hurdes regions. The exceptional beauty of Las Hurdes will have you reaching for your camera straight away. You could start off with a day trip to see some of the most spectacular landscapes, such as the Meandro Melero nature reserve and the Chorro de la Meancera waterfall for example, or perhaps go for a swim in one of the natural pools. Next, why not visit one of the little local villages like Casar de Palomero, Ladrillar or Pinofranqueado to discover the traditional slate architecture and regional handicrafts, as well as trying the sweet charcuterie meats that are so typical of Las Hurdes.

Chorro de la Meancera in Las Hurdes, Extremadura.

The Sierra de Gata is another region with lots to enjoy. Did you know that this area is well-known for its mushrooms? If you’re travelling in the autumn, be sure to taste some of the mouthwatering local dishes cooked with mushrooms, or maybe go out mushroom hunting yourself. And you’ll love visiting the villages, enjoying rural gems like Robledillo de Gata or San Martín de Trevejo at your leisure. If you have time, the town of Villa de Coria is around 50 kilometres away, and there you’ll find monuments that include the cathedral and the old 14-metre high Roman walls.

Top: Robledillo de Gata / Bottom: San Martín de Trevejo