Couple next to the church of San Juan Bautista, near Trevejo castle

The Sierra de Gata in Cáceres: hidden nature


The Sierra de Gata is an area situated in the north east of the province of Cáceres, in Extremadura. Here you'll find pretty country villages, lush woodlands, magnificent mountains, flower-filled meadows and an infinite number of trails that are well worth adding to your trip itinerary. Read on and wonder at the beauty of the Jevero natural swimming pool, the Cervigona waterfall, the A Fala route and the Borbollón Reservoir. 

Jevero natural swimming poolLocated almost two kilometres from the village of Acebo, the Jevero natural swimming pool is really unique. It's a freshwater pool. Clean. So transparent that as you swim you can see all the coloured pebbles on the bottom. And it’s in a totally natural setting.  Plus, the pool has a wide stretch of grass at the side, which is perfect for relaxing. After a refreshing dip you can spread your towel and unwind, listening to the splash of the water, the breeze as it ruffles the leaves on the trees, and the sound of birdsong. 

Views of Jevero natural pool surrounded by nature in Sierra de Gata

Cervigona waterfallThere’s a trail that starts out from the Jevero natural swimming pool that takes you towards the Cervigona waterfall. Remember to wear suitable footwear, as the trail will lead you over medieval bridges, by the Prado de Las Monjas Reservoir, and past the former power plant where it starts to climb upwards. After about an hour and a half’s walk, the valley narrows as you approach the waterfall. And as you’ll see, it’s a very impressive one. 

Views of Cervigona waterfall

A Fala routeSome of the villages in the region were isolated for many years, and so developed their own language. Even today many locals still speak this romance language, A Fala, among themselves. If you’d like to understand its origins, there’s a signposted route that takes you through the villages of San Martín de Trevejo, Eljas and Valverde del Fresno. Broad swathes of oak woodland, hundred-year-old chestnut trees and a nice, paved path wait you. Along the way you’ll discover Castelu D'as Ellas, the Knight Commander of Trevejo’s house, and the Chafaril Fountain.

Views of the village of Valverde del Fresno

The Borbollón ReservoirTo the north-east of Cáceres just a few kilometres from Santibáñez el Alto, you'll find the Borbollón Reservoir. Constructed in 1954, this place is a compulsory stop for getting to know the flora and fauna of the Sierra de Gata. Containing over 84 cubic hectometres of water, the main attractions are watersports and birdwatching. For this reason, it is classified as a Special Protection Area for the Conservation of Wild Birds (ZEPA).At the centre of the dam you'll find what's known as the Parra Chica, a tiny islet that in spring is home to colonies of herons, white storks, and black kites. And it receives winter visitors too - families of cranes. There are also various horse-riding trails that take you to Los Pajares, a group of old stone buildings that were in the past used for agriculture and livestock farming.

Views of the Borbollón reservoir, to the northwest of Cáceres
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