Telescope at the Tiedra Astronomical Centre (CAT)

At Tiedra, we bring you closer to the skies



Visit to the Tiedra Astronomical Centre

Tiedra is located in the heart of the mainland Spain, in the province of Valladolid, in an area that features broad horizons from where you can see plains and moorland, villages and places steeped in history.

Close to the towns of Medina de Rioseco, Tordesillas and Toro, and just half an hour from Zamora and Valladolid, Tiedra is an ideal spot for discovering the essence of Castille and Leon, its heritage, its natural spaces and its skies. The strategic location of Tiedra as a vantage point over the valley of Duero, has been noted since ancient times, as demonstrated by its 13th century castle. Its raised position, its dry climate and the minimum impact of light due to it being sparsely populated mean you can enjoy clear, dark skies all year round.The Tiedra astronomical Centre (CAT) was created to take advantage of these special conditions for observing the stars and sharing them with all those who love stargazing, both professionals and amateurs, and who are curious to discover more about the Universe of which we are a part. Since its creation in 2013, the CAT has become a valuable space for promoting and disseminating astronomy. It has been recognised with the “Starlight Certificateas a Star Park.

Telescope at the Tiedra Astronomical Centre (CAT)

The Tiedra Astronomical Centre has the human and material resources needed to ensure its visitors enjoy the skies. It has two telescopes, one for stargazing (sun, moon planets, asteroids, etc.), which enables solar observation to be carried out during the day, and other heavenly bodies to be observed at night; and another for observing deep space (galaxies, nebulae and clusters, etc.). What’s more, in the outdoor Agora, with individual binoculars, you can study the constellations. It also has a planetarium where content is projected related to the world of astronomy and where visitors can learn how to contemplate and observe the skies.The team of astronomers and monitors works with visitors to ensure the CAT is the gateway to a new skyscape, filled with fascinating worlds, which they explain with passion and knowledge, so that visitors to the centre can find their peace in the stars following a day of unforgettable cultural and heritage experiences.

Sunset seen from the Tiedra Astronomical Centre (CAT)