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Touristic route with camel (adults)

A different alternative to your days of tourism in Almeria, because not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this experience. It is perfect to enjoy with family, partner or friends.Tours are made in different places, depending on the time of year that you come to make tourism:• Between October and May. In this time the excursions are made in the area of Pechina.• Between June and September. The area of Mojácar Playa is perfect to travel on board a camel, discovering the mouth of the Aguas River.In addition to the region, you can also know everything about the world of camels visiting a farm where these animals live. You can snack in the area, so you can take something to snack.It is advisable to go with comfortable clothes and adapted to the season of the year in which we are.

Preis 12.3€ pro Person (einschließlich Steuern)
Aktivitäten in folgenden Sprachen verfügbar Spanisch, Englisch
Ort Pechina (Almería)
Dauer  1 Stunden, 30 Minuten
Datum verfügbar ab: 16-12-2014
Datum verfügbar bis: 30-12-2021
Kategorie der Aktivität Natur
Für wen? LGBT, Young people, Adults without children, Senior
Veranstalter Yumping
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