Paragliding at sunset

Fly over Spain while paragliding. A sky-high break


Thanks to its thousands of kilometres of coastline, living on a peninsula means you enjoy both the summer and the colder months. For example, when paragliding over the sea or flying over the steep cliffs of some of its beaches. Spain also features important mountain systems that cover almost half of its territory, such as the Sierra Morena, the Montes de Toledo, the Pyrenees... Some of their peaks are used as a take-off runway for extreme sports like skydiving and paragliding.You will find a wide range of schools and courses to learn everything about paragliding. And if you just want to experience it occasionally, you can always ride with an instructor in charge of handling the paraglider, while you focus solely on enjoying the views. 

  • Tourist paragliding

    The Jerte Valley

    If you visit Jerte Valley in spring, you can fly over cherry blossoms, a true natural wonder. Since it located between Plasencia and Sierra de Gredos, some of the highest peaks of this group of mountains have become a meeting point for paragliders. From the peaks of La Covacha (2,399 metres high) and El Pitolero (1,352) you will be able to see, like never before, Jerte Valley and its neighbours, Ambroz Valley and Sierra de Gata.

  • Tourist paragliding in the Organyà area in Lleida, Catalonia


    The scenic beauty of the flights in Organyà, with the Pyrenees in the background, have made this town a very popular destination for paragliding: in 2013, it was even the headquarters of the National Paragliding League. Sierra del Montsec, between Lleida and Huesca, also attracts many fans of this sport, because its microclimate enhances the ride quality. You can take off from the heights of the Cogulló summit, in the village of Vilanova de Meyá. Or a five-minute drive from this municipality, in Santa María de Meyá, from Sierra de Sant Alís as a take-off runway.

  • Tourist paragliding in Vejer de la Frontera in Cadiz, Andalusia

    Vejer de la Frontera

    Just over half an hour from Cadiz, you will find Vejer de la Frontera. A village of white houses leaning on a small hill. Walking through its narrow streets is a true joy for the eyes; now imagine what it's like to see it from above. The village wall, the surrounding fields and the coast just eight kilometres away make up for a ride of beautiful contrasts.

  • Paragliders in the Sopelana area in Biscay, Basque Country


    The wild beaches of the Basque Country are a delight for this sport. Less than 30 minutes from Bilbao, you can fly over some of them in Sopelana, a coastal village in Biscay. On the beaches of Atxabiribil, Meñakoz and Barinatxe, also known as “La Salvaje”, located between Sopelana and Getxo, you often see paragliders in full flight. The views of the cliffs that protect the beach and the wind currents coming directly from the sea mean that Barinatxe is an ideal place to practice air sports almost every day of the year.