Beach: Arrietara- Atxabiribil



Pretty beach that is characterised by its many windsurfers. It shares its sands with Arrietara Beach. There is a restaurant that offers wonderful views of the area and has a beautiful open-air terrace. The beach is protected from the sand by giant rocks.

Beach: Arrietara- Atxabiribil

Composition: sand

Type of sand: golden

Swimming conditions: strong waves

Length: 826 m

Width: 160 m

Occupancy rate: high

Degree of urban development: semi-urban

Marina: getxo

Distance to beach: 14 km.

Means of access: On foot easy,Car

Nearest motorway: bi-4126

Toilets, showers, footwash, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone, surf practice area

Maximum temperature: 16º Wind chill: cool Wind: gentle Wave heights: rough Water temperature: 18º