Tourist in the Balearic Islands

Travelling alone: the best trails in Spain for reconnecting with yourself


If you’re looking to get away from everything and you fancy travelling solo across Europe, Spain is waiting for you with open arms. And if you like hiking, there is a trail for you at any time of the year so you can discover another side of the country. Here are just a few!

Some people might find travelling alone embarrassing or scary, but we will give you some ideas to get you off to a good start: Camí de Cavalls, Menorca (Balearic Islands) This is a historic trail that will give you a tour of the entire island. You can either do just a section of the trail or complete the entire 185-kilometre hike. You will trek along the island’s Mediterranean coastline and discover its natural and historical riches. It is without a doubt the best location on the Balearic Islands for combining hiking and beaches. Camino de Santiago Just choose a starting point and the rest will be a piece of cake. The Camino de Santiago is the perfect route for hiking on your own. The Camino experience will give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people who, just like you, are looking to try the adventure of solo travel.

Sign for the Camino de Santiago in Finisterra, Galicia

Camino de Ronda, CataloniaThis hiking trail, also known as the GR92, covers the entire length of the coast of Girona (Costa Brava). It will take you along beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. During your trek you can stop at picturesque villages which once inspired artists such as Dalí, Picasso and Truman Capote. But take care! The route is 500 kilometres, so try a shorter section first. Camino de Jinama, El Hierro (Canary Islands)The people of the island of El Hierro give off a very special kind of energy. Almost as much as the incredible views of the valley on this famous route, 3.4 kilometres long with an incline of 815 metres. You decide how to travel. In Spain, you will never feel alone.

Above: Camino de Ronda in Lloret de Mar, Girona. Below: Camino de Jinama, El Hierro, Canary Islands
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