The Cimbarra waterfall in La Sierra Morena de Andújar

Sierra Morena de Andújar Nature Reserve


In the heart of Sierra Morena

The Sierra de Andújar is one of the most important hunting reserves in Spain.

The Park covers the townships of Andújar, Baños de la Encina, Villanueva de la Reina and Marmolejo. It is situated to the Northeast of the province, in the middle of the Sierra Morena, a partially mountainous area with varied morphology and altitude. The inhabitants of the area work, essentially, in cattle-breeding, preferably breeding bulls for bullfights. Thus, the forest resources are an important part of the economy of the region, especially in the harvesting of cork. It was declared a Nature Reserve in 1989 and constitutes one of the most important hunting reserves in Spain.

Sierra Morena de Andújar Nature Reserve

Plaza de España, 1.

23740  Andújar, Jaén  (Andalusia)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:74,774 hectares Tel.:+34 953 50 49 59 Tel.:+34 953 549 030 Tel.:+34 953 539 620 Website:Sierra Morena de Andújar Nature Reserve

Jaén (Andalusia):

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What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    Andújar is especially noteworthy due to its monuments, such as the bridge on the River Guadalquivir, from Roman times, later restored by the Arabs. Ceramics are an important example of handicrafts.

  • Environmental information

    The vegetation of the river bank stands out, with a predominance of willows, alders, spurge, oleander and European hackberry. There are also holm oak groves, pastures and ashes. As for the fauna, it is worth mentioning the presence of the lynx or the golden eagle.

  • Information for visits

    For more information, contact the Regional Board of the Council of Environmental Affairs (Dirección Provincial C.M.A). Address: avda. de Andalucía, 79. Jaén. Or otherwise, the Viñas de Peñallana Visitor Centre. Address: crtra. Andújar - Santuario Ntra. Sra. de la Cabeza - km 12. 23740, Andújar.