Night sky and observatory in La Palma, Canary Islands

Some of the best destinations in Spain for stargazing


Astronomy tourism is in fashion. Observing the sky is a unique moment, when you forget about the daily grind and connect with the cosmos. Spain is full of ideal destinations for stargazing and enjoying a unique nocturnal experience.These are just a few examples. Want to find out for yourself?

Sierra de Gata in Extremadura

Extremadura is a true paradise for stargazing because it has very little light pollution. In the Sierra de Gata region, we recommend climbing the Almenara tower to witness a fantastic spectacle: the Milky Way and the constellations of Scorpius and Aquila.

Astrotourism at the Sierra de Gata Beacon

La Palma island in the Canary Islands

La Palma was granted the first worldwide Starlight reserve certificate and was accepted in 2012 as a Starlight tourist destination. This island is an authentic paradise for lovers of starry nights, with exceptional conditions for observing the stars. 

Starry skies in La Palma, Canary Islands

Montsec astronomy park in Catalonia

The Montsec astronomical park in the province of Lleida, is considered to be the best site in Cataloniafor spotting comets. The park welcomes visitors who want to enjoy its digital 3D multimedia planetarium with a moving dome 12 metres across. 

Montsec Observatory

In Aragón, Galáctica, a Centre for the Dissemination and Practice of Astronomy.

There are several Starlight territories in Aragón that certify the excellent quality of their night skies. One of them is the region of Gúdar-Javalambre, in the province of Teruel. This is where you can find Galácticathe first park in Europe that combines astronomical dissemination and stargazing for all audiences. A visit to this centre, with its network of nine domes, its interactive exhibits and its agenda of activities and workshops, will leave the whole family excited and amazed.

Night observation with telescope at the Galáctica centre (Teruel)

The Cíes islands in Galicia

The Cíes islands are one of the great treasures of the Vigo estuary and of Galicia. They are a Starlight tourist destination thanks to their perfect geographical conditions for stargazing. One of the most recommended activities is to sail on the waters of the national park until you see the sunset. A unique spectacle!  

The Milky Way from the Monte do Facho lighthouse with Vigo and the Cíes Islands in the background

Sierra Morena in Andalusia

Andalusia is the southernmost region in mainland Spain, and this enables you to observe a greater expanse of the universe. Sierra Morena is the largest Starlight tourist destination in the world, over 400 kilometres.Spain has some of the best spots in Europe for stargazing. The hardest part? Choosing just one to visit!

Person looking at the stars
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