Cyclist on the Silver Route in Extremadura

Silver Route by bicycle


The Silver Route or Vía de la Plata is a fascinating trail running north-to-south across Spain and ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts. One option is to start in Seville and end in Santiago de Compostela, crossing four unique regions: Andalusia, Extremadura, Castile and Leon, and Galicia Along this 800-kilometre route you’ll enjoy landscapes and cultures so varied they could be in different countries. You can see the olive groves of the south, the sweeping plains of Extremadura, the central massif, and the lush green valleys of the north.  


The suggested route below comprises 16 stages:Stage 1. Seville - Castilblanco de los Arroyos, 39 kilometres.Stage 2. Castilblanco de los Arroyos – Monesterio, 63 kilometres.Stage 3. Monesterio – Zafra, 45 kilometres.Stage 4. Zafra – Mérida, 65 kilometres.Stage 5. Mérida – Valdesalor, 61 kilometres.Stage 6. Valdesalor – Cañaveral, 55 kilometres.Stage 7. Cañaveral – Aldeanueva del Camino, 78 kilometres.Stage 8. Aldeanueva del Camino – Fuenterroble de Salvatierra, 43 kilometres.

Cyclist on the Silver Route in Extremadura

Stage 9. Fuenterroble de Salvatierra – Salamanca, 51 kilometres.Stage 10. Salamanca – Zamora, 66 kilometres.Stage 11. Zamora – Santa Marta de Tera, 87 kilometres.Stage 12. Santa Marta de Tera – Puebla de Sanabria, 67 kilometres.Stage 13. Puebla de Sanabria – A Gudiña, 53 kilometres.Stage 14. A Gudiña – Xunqueira de Ambia, 66 kilometres.Stage 15. Xunqueira de Ambia – Castro Dozón, 64 kilometres.Stage 16. Castro Dozón – Santiago de Compostela, 66 kilometres.

A cyclist on the Silver Route


Training. For an adventure this demanding you need to be in good shape, so train in advance and remember you’ll be carrying more baggage than usual. Luggage. You should bring a helmet, cycling clothes, a water bottle, a rain cape, and suitable shoes. And don’t forget the tools you’ll need if you have to repair your bicycle.Food. A good breakfast is always ideal. If possible, include something sweet and some nuts, to start the day with energy. Hydration is also vital, so always keep your water bottle full, because there are stretches where it can be difficult to find water.Accommodation. If you’re going to stay in public shelters, remember that most of them close their doors at 22:00. If you prefer to enjoy the evening, it’s better to opt for private shelters or hostels.Time of year.  Although you can go at any time of year, spring is the best season for cycling this route. You’ll avoid the extreme heat of summer, especially in the south, and you can enjoy greener scenery and spring flowers.

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