Rock climbing in the area of Siurana in Tarragona, Catalonia

Adventure sports in Spain


Adventure sports in Spain

Open spaces in Spain have been adapted to make them the ideal place to practise sports at the heart of the natural world. These are places are great for an adrenaline rush, And for holidays that will stay in your memory forever.

  • Paragliding near the El Teide volcano in Tenerife, Canary Islands


    If you’d like to enjoy some dizzying views, climb up to the Turbón massif in the province of HuescaFrom this magical mountain you can fly over the wonderful Valle de Isábena, or the spectacular mountains of the Aragonese Pyrenees. But if you prefer sea views, you could pay a visit to Gijón, where you can enjoy paragliding experiences over the sensational cliffs in this delightful Asturian city.Are you up for gliding from one of the tallest slopes in the whole of Europe? With a height difference of 2,200 metres, the descent from Puerto de Izaña offers routes that take you over forest landscapes and valleys on the Canary Island of Tenerife, such as La Orotava and Güímar. And there are also other trails where you’ll be able to admire the island’s volcanic landscape from the sky.

  • Skydiving in the region of Ampuriabrava in Girona, Catalonia


    Skydiving might be one of the shortest of experiences, but it definitely requires a whole lot of courage.If it’s your first time, you can always jump in tandem. This way you can focus on enjoying the experience without having to worry about anything else, because the instructor will be the one guiding the parachute.In the centre of the country you can find some of the most highly-recommended places to practise this sport. For example, the municipality of Piedrahíta in Ávila, and Lillo and Ocaña in ToledoBut there are many other places in Spain where you can enjoy this activity as well. Do you know the northern coast? Can you imagine anything better than landing on its unspoilt beaches? You could start with the coast of Sopelana (Biscay) and its impressive landscapes. Or you could go to the north-east of the peninsula to fly over charming villages in the Pyrenees in Lleida, such as Oliana and Organyà.

  • Bungee jump

    Bungee jumping

    The north of Spain is a very popular region for bungee jumping. There you can find a wide range of viaducts and bridges, surrounded by the rich nature that this part of the country is known for. In Gipuzkoa, there is a 62-metre-high bridge known as the Azcárate. From there you can make jumps from different heights, so if you prefer, you can start with more moderate jumps.At the Estrecho bridge in Galicia a massive adrenalin rush awaits, with a drop of 105 metres. It’s the main platform for the highest bungee jump in the country. And that’s not all; there’s a big surprise that’s a whole lot of fun: you get to take a dip before bouncing back up again! Galicia is home to even more hidden treasures where you’ll be able to bungee jump. An example of this is the Gundián viaduct, a railway bridge built over the River Ulla, with an impressive 52-metre arch. At 85 metres high, the excitement is guaranteed.

  • Man scaling a boulder in the Sierra de Albarracín mountains in Teruel, Aragón


    One destination for a getaway climbing some incredible mountains is Green Spain, which combines the regions of Asturias, the Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria. Cantabria offers nine different via ferrata climbing routes, which are mountain trails that are equipped and prepared to enable climbers to scale walls of rock using steps and handrails, and more. The village of Liendo, Matienzo and Ramales in Cantabria are also popular spots for lovers of this sport.With the arrival of winter, some of the country’s natural landscapes turn into a magical backdrop for an intense day of climbing. One example of this is the Naranjo de Bulnes in the Picos de Europa National Park (Asturias), which has various routes that are only suitable for experienced climbers, as the area is prone to strong winds. The Region of Valencia is home to another perfect area for climbing in this season: the canyon in the Pueblo Blanco of Chulilla. Here you can cross the River Túria on its way along the popular Pantaneros trail.And in Aragón there are more than 1000 rock faces that you can climb during your visit to Albarracín, a town in the province of Teruel with an unmistakeable medieval character that might surprise you.These are just a handful of the most interesting areas in Spain that inspire adventure. What are you waiting for? Practising extreme sports like climbing or mountaineering in Spain is the perfect blend of adrenaline and nature!