Los Pantaneros de Chulilla Trail

Los Pantaneros de Chulilla Trail



Hanging bridges over the gorges of the river Turia

The picturesque village of Chulilla – just 45 minutes from Valencia – with its narrow white streets is the starting point of this route. The 500 or so locals see hikers come here every day to explore its trails. One of the most popular is the Los Pantaneros Route. This looped trail will take you to the Loriguilla reservoir via the gorge of Hoces del Turia, crossing spectacular wooden hanging bridges.

Amazing views

Before setting out on the trail, you can begin your morning with a good breakfast on Plaza de la Baronía, followed by a visit to Chulilla castle to see the wonderful view from one of the highest points in the village. Equally breathtaking are the views from the lookout points at the start of the route: the Compuertas (where you can see the early 20th century waterworks that regulate the river's flow) and the Carrucha, where you can see the Charco Azul (an idyllic lake that looks like a natural pool) and the Salto, the largest narrowing of the Turia canyon.

"And here's an interesting fact: the trail follows the path made by the workers of Chulilla when they were building the Loriguilla dam in the 1950s, to reach their place of work."

Following the path, you’ll come to an enchanting spot with a small waterfall. Relax with the sights and sounds of nature in the Calderones: A deep gorge with walls more than 80 meters high.

View of Chulilla and the gullies around it, Valencia, Region of Valencia

Up in the heights

The trail continues along the top of the gorge, crossing from one side to the other on two hanging bridges, undoubtedly one of the high points of the walk. The first one is 15 metres above the river and 20 metres long, and may be a little scary to cross, but it’s very safe. The other is longer at 28 metres, and just over 5 metres high. They were both rebuilt in 2013 after the originals disappeared in 1957 when the Turia burst its banks and flooded the city of Valencia.

Images of the hanging bridges over the river Turia, near Chulilla, Valencia, Region of Valencia

A great place for rock climbing

The trail continues to the reservoir along a narrow, leafy path where hikers can enjoy the different settings of riparian forest and Mediterranean scrubland. Traces of history can be seen on the way, such as the ruins of the 18th-century chapel of San José de los Gancheros, where loggers used to take shelter. If you’re lucky, you can see climbers on the vertical sides of the gorge, as rock climbing is another of the area’s attractions.When you get to the Loriguilla reservoir, take a break and restore your strength with a snack before turning around and taking the same trail back to Chulilla.

Charco Azul near Chulilla in Valencia, Region of Valencia

Tips and recommendations

How to get there

The Puentes Colgantes de Chulilla trail begins in the village of Chulilla, which you can drive to via the A-3 motorway from the city of Valencia (about 60 kilometres).

Village of Chulilla in Valencia, Region of Valencia

Things to bear in mind

It is highly recommended that before starting the trail you stop by the Chulilla Tourist Office to get all the information.You can walk here at any time of year. But if you come in summer, try to avoid walking at midday when the sun is strongest.If there are a lot of people on the trail, let them pass and stop if necessary. Only a few people can cross the hanging bridges at a time.If you are walking the trail with children, be extra careful in the first 50 metres, which are the most difficult.

What other trails are there?

Some of the most recommendable are trails to the Charco Azul (where you can have a swim in summer), to the cave at Cueva del Gollisno, and to see Paleolithic cave paintings. 

What to do

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