Utiel-Requena Wine Route

Utiel-Requena Wine Route


Come to the region of Utiel-Requena in Valencia and discover the exciting world of wine-making and wine. This wine-growing area is located in the northwest of the province on the boundary with the Castile-La Mancha region, and has been producing exceptional wines for over 2,500 years. Come and discover these lands by touring the Wine Route that runs through it. You'll be amazed at the mountain landscapes where vineyards are interspersed with beautiful natural areas. Discover the rich artistic and historic heritage to be found in the medieval architecture of Requena and Utiel, and enjoy a whole range of possibilities featuring everything from pre-arranged itineraries through to visits which are tailor-made to suit your needs. And of course, you'll be able to discover some very impressive wines.

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Wine towns

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What are the wines like?

There are 40,000 hectares of vineyards in the area covered by the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin. Several varieties of grape are used in the production of its wines, and particularly the Bobal grape, a native variety which is the most common. In fact this is practically the only area in the world where it is grown, and the result is a distinctive wine of first-rate quality and with a clearly defined character and personality. Most of the wines produced in Utiel-Requena are red, with a dark cherry colour and fruity aromas. The rosés are also delicious, as are the whites, which have intense fruity aromas and a yellow colour, with gold and straw tones. Cava, which is becoming more and more important locally, is another of the star products of this area.

What I can find

Over 100 vineyards dotted around the region, offering guided wine-tasting sessions with experts where you'll discover the taste of Valencian cava or the colour of the Bobal grape.Excellent local cuisine featuring traditional dishes such as ajoarriero (stewed cod and garlic), casseroled rice and potatoes in broth.A journey through the history of wine production in this region in places, such as the museum of "la Vid y el Vino" (the grapevine and wine museum) in Utiel, housed in a curious round winery.Spectacular landscapes in nature reserves, such as the Hoces de Cabriel and Chera Nature Reserves. You'll also be able to enjoy adventure and outdoor sports, such as kayaking, hiking, cycle touring, horse riding, rafting and climbing.An extensive and outstanding artistic heritage, including an abundance of Medieval architecture, archaeological sites, underground galleries, walled sites and Mudejar neighbourhoods.-Traditional festivities such as the grape harvest festival in Requena.-For more information, we recommend you visit the tourist offices in the area.More information at any of the tourist offices.

How to get here

The Utiel-Requena wine route is in the interior of the province of Valencia in eastern Spain. Valencia airport is 70 kilometres from the area. There are also bus and train services with stations in the towns of Utiel, Camporrobles and Requena. The A-3 motorway connects this area with the city of Valencia, 68 kilometres away, and with Madrid in under three hours. Although the route is named after the two largest towns on the itinerary, it passes through a total of 10 different villages: Camporrobles, Caudete de las Fuentes, Chera, Fuenterrobles, Requena, Siete Aguas, Sinarcas, Utiel, Venta del Moro and Villagordo del Cabriel. All this area, a little over 60 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea, is in the heart of the Region of Valencia's wine-producing land, and has a multitude of vineyards, restaurants, accommodation options, museums, arts and crafts shops and active tourism companies. A wide range of tourist attractions which includes a historic wine-producing tradition dating from the 7th century B.C.