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Dish at the restaurant Hoja Santa

Gourmet experiences in Barcelona


A paradise of flavours in the kitchen

The fame of Barcelona’s cuisine is well-deserved, as anyone who has eaten there will know. The Mediterranean city offers plenty of tempting options for foodies to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience. Bon appétit!

Signature cuisine

From the most innovative haute cuisine to fusion cooking, reinterpreted traditional recipes, sustainable organic food and creative tapas… Barcelona is full of internationally renowned restaurants where you can try signature dishes created by some of Spain’s most prestigious chefs. Entre ellos tienes alrededor de 20 establecimientos con estrellas Michelín de la ciudad. Many of these restaurants are in hotels, offering the opportunity to have lunch or dinner where you are staying.

Kitchen of the restaurant Lasarte

The Boquería market

This hundred-year-old market is one of the most popular spots in Barcelona, the perfect place to observe the day-to-day bustle and the character of the local people. The food stalls are an absolute treat for the senses. They have everything: fresh seasonal food, traditional products, organic and ecological food, delicacies and gourmet specialities, exotic varieties… With the Eat Boquería initiative, you can try different menus created with ingredients from the market in several nearby restaurants.

Cookery classes

At the Boquería you can also take part in cookery classes organised by bcnkitchen, where you can learn to make some famous Spanish recipes, such as gazpacho, potato omelette, paella, or crema catalana. The experience includes a guided tour of the market, all the ingredients and materials you need for the class, and a tasting of the finished dishes, accompanied by wine and water, of course.

Stall in the Boquería market

Barcelona's sweetest side

If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love the Barcelona Sweet Tour organised by Barcelona Tourism. This tour reveals Catalonia’s tradition of pastry-making as you visit a selection of bakeries, cafés and chocolate shops in the Gothic quarter and the Born district. Visiting traditional shops and charming narrow streets, with a delicious aroma in the air... And best of all, you can sample different chocolates and treats!!

El Barri: the legacy of El Bulli

The famous restaurant El Bulli closed in 2011, but its legacy is still alive in Barcelona’s Paralelo district. That is where Albert Adrià’s culinary project can be found surrounded by beautiful churches: El Barri. A group of five restaurants, each with a new and different approach to food, with the option of tours and personalised reservations. These restaurants are:Pakta: nikkei cuisine combining Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy.Hoja Santa: Mexican food with a Michelin star.Tickets: homage to the legendary dishes of El Bulli in the form of tapas.Bodega 1900: an updated version of the traditional vermouth bar.Enigma: secret tasting menu comprising 40 dishes.

Bodega 1900. El Barri
Charcoal grilled pigeon at the restaurant Lasarte