Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter


The Gothic Quarter is the oldest part of Barcelona, ​​made up of narrow streets and squares that reflect Barcelona's medieval past with the presence of palaces, residences and Gothic churches.

It is one of the most attractive areas of Barcelona and its streets are filled with medieval buildings, such as the palaces of the City Hall and the Generalitat, the Barcelona Cathedral or the Gothic churches of Santa Maria del Pi or Sant Just i Pastor. Here, you will also find the Jewish Quarter, made up of a network of alleys in which part of the old synagogue is still preserved.Its streets revolve around several squares, including Sant Jaume, Rei and Reial. The first is the political centre of Barcelona and is home to the City Hall and the Palau de la Generalitat. Moreover, the monumental ensemble of Plaza del Rei square is perhaps the main medieval exhibition in Barcelona, ​​with the Palau Reial Major, part of the old Roman wall, the Palau del Lloctinent (Palace of the Lieutenant) and the History Museum. Finally, La Reial is a porticoed square of great beauty and very popular, especially at dusk, with its many restaurants.This neighborhood has been the heart of the city since Roman times and, in fact, it is home to the Roman necropolis (Plaza Vila de Madrid square), with the remains of the Roman temple of Augustus very close to this neighbourhood.

Gothic Quarter

Distrito Ciutat Vella

08002  Barcelona  (Catalonia)

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