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Tourists in the city of Córdoba, Andalucía

4 short city breaks in inland Spain


In inland Spain, you’ll find numerous places that are perfect for a short getaway, places that are full of life, and that have lots to offer in terms of culture, history and gastronomy. Take a break in one of these cities and discover everything you can do there. Here are four destinations which might spark some ideas.

Teruel, Aragon

Teruel has been declared a World Heritage Site for its historical and architectural significance. Here, there are beautiful buildings to be discovered, such as the cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla, the Mudejar tower of El Salvador, or the Paseo del Óvalo staircase with its engraving of the Lovers of Teruel, one of the city’s famous legends that can easily rival Romeo and Juliet. If you want to enjoy the local atmosphere and cuisine, you absolutely must head for the Plaza del Torico, which owes its name to the fountain in the middle topped by a small metal bull (toro). This is the very heart of the city, and the perfect place for trying local specialities like gazpacho with sollapas (flatbread), caldereta de pastor (lamb stew), and madejas (lamb guts). 

View of the Cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla, Teruel

Burgos, Castilla y León

This city was founded in the Middle Ages, and still retains some of the charms of those times, not least the Gothic cathedral of Santa María, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also recommend you climb up to the cathedral viewpoint, as from here you can see the whole of the city at your feet. If you’d like to try the cuisine of Burgos, be sure to visit the Las Llanas district where you’ll find lots of lively restaurants and bars to taste local delicacies such as morcilla (black pudding), queso de Burgos (fresh cheese), and cojonudos, slices of bread with spicy chorizo, hot paprika and quails’ eggs. Delicious!

Views of the Gothic cathedral of Santa María in Burgos

Córdoba, Andalusia

A city that’s a perfect combination of the historical and the modern, and furthermore it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk through the Judería, the former Jewish Quarter of the city, will have you spellbound, and it’s here that most of the restaurants and leisure options are to be found. You’ll also find beautiful buildings to visit, such as the Great Mosque with its coloured arches, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos with its lovely courtyards, and the Viana Palace, with its gardens and fountains. And Córdoba also has lots of different delicious local dishes, notably salmorejo, flamenquines (pork stuffed with ham), and ajo blanco (cold garlic soup).

A street in the former Jewish quarter, the Judería, in Córdoba

Bilbao, Basque Country

Bilbao is a small city, but there are lots of things to do, and places to discover. You simply cannot miss one of its most modern icons, the Guggenheim Museum of contemporary art. And going from the most modern to the most classic, after visiting the museum why not head for the Casco Viejo, the old city centre and the perfect place to shop for some traditional souvenirs. You’ll find the Cathedral of Santiago here in the centre as well, and you can try Basque cuisine in miniature with pintxos, small slices of bread with all sorts of different toppings that people usually go from bar to bar to eat. And finally, you can’t leave Bilbao without taking a pleasant sunset stroll along the ría, the estuary of Bilbao.  As you can see, these cities all have so much to offer. Culture, history, and delicious cuisine join together to offer you a perfect city break. But remember that these are just some of the cities in Spain where you can spend a few wonderful days, there are many more out there waiting to be discovered.

View of the streets and river around the Ribera market in Bilbao
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