Plankton tin at the Aponiente restaurant

Tastes of the sea in Cadiz


Delicious, healthy and 100% seafood dishes in the south of Spain

The gastronomy in Cadiz is primarily seafood and combines its most traditional recipes with innovative creations that even include Novel foods such as plankton. We will help you identify some of the flavours you can try on your holidays.

  • Images of Aponiente restaurant

    Plankton, the green Novel food

    Eat plankton and try the original idea of acclaimed seafood chef Ángel León. It is a vegetarian, very healthy and 100% natural seafood flavour enhancer. The European Union has recognised it as a “Novel Food” since 2014. You can try it with rice, desserts, pastries and even cheeses at Aponiente (Ángel León’s restaurant with three Michelin stars in El Puerto de Santa María), and more and more restaurants are serving it, especially in Cadiz. You can even buy it as a condiment to boost the seafood flavour of your dishes.

  • Seaweed tour

    Seaweed, the marine garden

    Make the most of your holidays in Cadiz by trying the seaweed-based salads. You can try them in plenty of places, and they are often served with fish and as original dishes.

  • Collage of tapas from the sea

    Tapas from the sea

    You can also try the cuisine from the sea with the tapas in Cadiz. Try dishes of “bienmesabe” (the famous adobo-fried fish from Cadiz), the popular shrimp tortillas, the “ortiguillas” (sea anemones fried in olive oil with a strong seafood flavour), crunchy baby squid, the fresh “piriñaca” (picadillo dressed with tomato, onion and pepper) with eggs and powerful salted foods such as cured tuna. 

  • Dishes made with tuna

    Almadraba bluefin tuna

    It is an almost unique delicacy of the area due to both the quality of the fish and how it is caught: the traditional and artisanal way of Almadraba that respects the environment. The best time to try it is in May and June, the main fishing season and also when gastronomic fairs with special menus are held in cities such as Conil, Barbate, Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes. The tastiest parts of bluefin tuna are the ventresca, the morrillo and its roe.

  • Almadraba fishing day

    Beyond the table

    There are several interesting places and activities in Cadiz that help to understand its fishing tradition. For example, the area is full of salt lakes that can be visited in San Fernando, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Chiclana. This is where you can also attend the “despeque”, the manual removal of the fish from the estuaries (small reservoirs where the fish are bred and salt is cultivated). It is also possible to take part in an Almadraba fishing day (commonly know as “levantá”) between April and June.

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