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Rabbit with snails

La Rioja

La Rioja
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 6 people: 1 rabbit weighing between 1,500 to 2,000 gm approximately 1 large carrot 1 onion ½ kg of snails 200 gm of bacon 1 tomato oil flour salt 1 bay leaf 1 sprig of thyme 1 glass of white wine

  • Preparation

    Clean the rabbit, cut into pieces and fry until golden in a casserole dish with oil. Then put to one side. In the same oil slowly fry the slices of carrot and the onion, until it goes clear. Set aside the liver, return the rabbit to the casserole dish, adding a spoonful of flour and a glass of white wine. Allow to cook on a low heat, adding water if necessary. Mash the liver in a mortar and add to the stew with a bay leaf. In a separate pan cook the snails, drain and then add to a frying pan in which you would have lightly fried the diced bacon, add the peeled, cubed and de-seeded tomato. Leave the snails to cook for about 10 minutes and pour over the rabbit. Add more salt if necessary.