Santiago cake

Discover the taste of original Spanish dishes


Some huesos de santo made of sugar and almonds, after zarangollo (scrambled eggs with vegetables) from Murcia and delicious suckling lamb from Castilla y León. This could be a menu of original Spanish dishes that would inspire you to discover the country. 

The best-known Spanish cuisine outside its borders is paella, gazpacho (cold vegetable soup), potato omelette, cocido madrileño (chickpeas stewed with meat), Iberian ham, churros and tapas. But there are many other traditional recipes on Spanish dinner tables. The main ingredients differ depending on the region:- Murcia and its stews: garden vegetables are staples in this region’s recipes. Some michirones with cooked broad beans and chorizo, ham, and paprika, or olla gitana (chickpeas with potato and pumpkin) are traditional Spanish dishes which will warm you up on cold winter days.- If you love meat, Castilla y León is an essential destination. You’ll see why when you try Segovia’s suckling pig, with its juicy meat and crunchy skin.

Roast suckling pig in Segovia

- A taste of the sea: Galicia is known for using top-quality seafood in its original dishes. We’re talking about clams, mussels, scallops and one of the most popular dishes, octopus, which is eaten boiled and served with cachelos (potatoes cooked with salt and bay leaf). On the Mediterranean coast, the main dishes include fresh fish which can be served baked, stewed or grilled.And to finish off: traditional Spanish cuisine has no shortage of desserts, such as tocinos de cielo, pestiños, crema catalana, sobaos, buñuelos, or tarta de Santiago. They’re as delicious as they are sweet, since their main ingredients include flour, eggs and sugar.The county’s history, climate and love of cooking have resulted in a wide variety of original Spanish dishes. And the best way of discovering this is to try them all. What would you like to try first?

Octopus a la Gallega or Pulpo a Feira
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