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Asturian cider pouring.

Asturias on a plate! A culinary journey

Principality of Asturias

A cuisine that’s the result of local traditions and the ingredients to be found in this region. Old recipes that have been passed down through the generations to the present day, ready for you to enjoy.

  • Cachopos de ternera (beef fillet cachopos)


    Two fillets of beef in egg and breadcrumbs, with ham and melted cheese hidden inside. A delicious meat dish often served with a side.

  • ‘Fabada asturiana’ (bean and pork stew)

    Fabada (white bean casserole)

    This may well be the most famous dish in Asturian cuisine. The main ingredient is fabes, which are large white beans, cooked with what is known as compango, a mix of different meats such as pork belly, chorizo and morcilla... A hearty meal that is perfect for warming you up on those chilly days.  

  • Chorizo a la sidra

    Chorizo a la sidra

    A simple, tasty dish that uses the two star products of Asturias. The chorizos are cooked in cider with a few bay leaves. A great tasting dish that is generally served as a starter or together with other tapas.

  • Bollos Preñaos

    Bollos preñaos

    These are a kind of bread roll baked in the oven with a chorizo sausage inside. This simple but mouthwatering dish is served with a real stand-out product - the famous Asturian sidra (cider), and is usually served at espichas, which are essentially cider parties.

  • Asturian cider


    A symbol of identity that’s made with locally grown apples, this is the only kind of cider in the world that is escanciado. This means that it is served from a certain height, by lifting the bottle with one hand and pouring the liquid onto the side of the glass to oxygenate the cider and bring out the full aroma.

These are just some of the dishes you can enjoy in Asturias, old recipes that are still very much alive, and that give you the chance to appreciate typical Asturian products. Don’t miss out!

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