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Riding hight in the clouds

Ballooning is an experience that combines emotion, serenity, relaxation and landscape viewing in the countryside. Enjoy with your family and friends a gentle ride through the Mediterranean sky. Driven by the wind, we will admire the beauty of an unforgettable sunrise. While the sun has just lit the world, we will play with the wind touching the clouds above the mountains and the woods.We will escape from the hurry, the stress and the daily routine and will enjoy the peace and freedom to ride the sky. Ballooning is a dream that most people have not yet had the chance to realize.An unforgettable experience that can be the best gift to enjoy a morning breakfast, a shared balloon ride, transportation during the activity, a typical lunch, flight pictures, a champagne toast, balloon flight certificate and flight insurance.

Prezzo 175.0€ a persona (tasse comprese)
Attività disponibili nelle seguenti lingue Spanish, English
Luogo Bocairent (Valencia)
Durata  5 ore
Categoria dell'attività Sport e avventura, Escursione in mongolfiera, Natura
Per chi? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
Impresa organizzatrice SAO VIAJES NATURALES
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