Lavender fields in Brihuega. Guadalajara

15 spectacular flowering seasons to welcome spring in Spain


Colour reigns supreme in Spain during spring and early summer. Millions of cherry trees in bloom, fields full of lavender, almond trees blanketed in white… Here are some of the destinations with Spain’s most spectacular blooms and flower festivals to enjoy this season. Grab your camera and experience a Spanish spring!

  • A blanket of white and pink in Mallorca

    Usually, by the end of January, this Mediterranean Balearic Island is already being transformed as its almond groves burst into bloom. In fact, many painters and photographers love visiting Mallorca at this time of year to capture the moment when the island seems covered in snow.

  • Cherry trees in blossom in Tejeda. Gran Canaria

    Tejeda and its Almond Blossom festival on Gran Canaria

    This village on the island of Gran Canaria holds one of its main fiestas in February, when its almond trees are in bloom. This is one of the oldest festivals in the Canary Islands, and as well as the flowers, you can also enjoy stands selling crafts and listen to traditional local music. By the way, did you know that Tejeda is said to be one of the prettiest villages in Spain?

  •  Almond trees in bloom in Quinta de los Molinos. Madrid

    Quinta de los Molinos, in the centre of Madrid

    This flowering season is unusual because it takes place in a park in the city of Madrid, Parque Quinta de los Molinos (metro stop Suanzes L5 and bus routes 114, 146, 70, 77). Around February - March, the almond trees “wake up” and attract everyone who wants a striking photo of nature in the city.

  • Fruit trees with Mount Almorchón in Cieza in the background

    Cieza in full colour, in the Region of Murcia

    A rainbow on earth. That’s what the people of Murcia call the fruit trees in flower in the orchards of Cieza, especially its millions of peach trees. Throughout the month of March all sorts of tours and activities are available, from tourist trains to 4x4 tours, balloon rides, horse rides, canyoning, photography competitions, concerts and special menus to celebrate the moment.

  • Cherry trees in bloom in the Caderechas Valley. Burgos

    Flowering season in the Caderechas Valley, Burgos

    A white valley full of the scent and taste of fruit, mainly the local specialities: reineta apples and cherries. April may be the best month to enjoy the show, combining mild temperatures with the flowering of most of the orchards. The Caderechas valley is just an hour from Burgos, about 70 kilometres.

  • Cherry trees in blossom.

    Cherry trees in the land of olives, Jaén

    Among hectares of olive groves, in the Sierra Mágina mountains of Jaén you can discover cherry trees in flower in March and April. White blooms fill the valleys, still edged by snow along the mountain tops. The largest group of cherry trees is in the municipality of Torres.

  • Cherry trees in the Jerte Valley Cáceres

    Over one and a half million cherry trees in Jerte (Cáceres)

    From late March until mid-April, the cherry trees of the Jerte valley in Cáceres (Extremadura) offer one of the most famous flowering seasons in all of Spain. The best way to enjoy this area is to organise a car tour and visit the villages of the valley, such as Piornal, Casas del Castañar, El Torno and Rebollar. There is also a Cherry Blossom Festival with plenty of activities, including a market selling local foods, falconry shows, guided tours, hiking, dramatisations of local legends, and more.

  • Apple trees in Nava. The Cider District. Asturias

    The scent of apples in cider country, Asturias

    Six villages in Asturias - Bimenes, Cabranes, Colunga, Nava, Sariegu and Villaviciosa - are known as the “Cider District”. As well as tasting the delicious cider traditionally produced in the area, if you visit around late April and early May you can see Apple Blossom Week and stroll around the orchards, take selfies in a sea of white flowers, learn the special cider pouring technique, and enjoy special menus for the occasion.

  • Branch laden with plums

    Plum blossom day in Nalda, La Rioja

    On the first Sunday in April, most of the fruit trees of the Iregua valley will be in bloom, especially the plum trees. The village of Nalda celebrates it with special meals of traditional dishes like migas de pastor (breadcrumbs with lamb) and roast meats, as well as street markets and guided tours. Take the opportunity to climb to the viewing point of Nalda Castle and see the valley full of flowers spread out below.

  • Poppy fields in Toledo

    Poppy-red fields in Toledo

    Delicate, elegant, and in a brilliant red which floods huge areas with colour in April and May. Poppies are common all over Spain, especially in areas like Toledo. The areas around the castles of Montalbán or Polán are perfect for breath-taking photographs.

  • A courtyard in Cordoba

    The courtyards of Cordoba at their best

    In the first fortnight of May, the city of Cordoba organises a festival to celebrate its courtyards full of flowers and potted plants. This traditional celebration, now on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, fills the streets with happy people and the wonderful scent of orange blossom.

  •  Flowers at the Temps de Flors Festival in Girona

    Flowers become art in Girona

    The city of Girona bursts into flower in May in its own unique way. Its squares, gardens, courtyards and monuments become the setting for creative floral compositions. This is the Temps de Flors festival.

  • Broom in Gredos

    Spring yellow in Sierra de Gredos, Ávila

    Between the end of May and June, the Sierra de Gredos Park is turned to gold by flowering broom. The flowers cover the whole park, where you’ll find more than 60 viewing points over the sea of yellow. The villages in the area celebrate the Flowering Broom Festival with guided tours, tastings of local dishes, and relaxing spa visits.

  • Sunflowers in Burgos

    The first sunflowers in La Bureba, Burgos

    Sunflowers bloom in summer, but the district of La Bureba (north-east Burgos, in Castile and Leon) sees the first of them in late spring. You can enjoy the fields of sunflowers as you drive through the area, but if you have time, take a walk through one and see how they turn to face the sun throughout the day.

  • Lavender fields in Brihuega. Guadalajara

    Lavender fields, music and art in Brihuega, Guadalajara

    Just imagine: extensive purple fields with kilometres of lavender flowers, the air full of their fragrance and outdoor concerts… It’s the Brihuega lavender festival, held every July in this village in Guadalajara (Castile-La Mancha), when they gather the flowers that bloom in late June and early July.