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Landscape on El Bierzo Wine Route

El Bierzo Wine Route



The Bierzo Wine Route offers quality wines with a distinct character thanks to the geographical location and the particularities of the terrain, protecting it from adverse climate conditions. It is a great chance to discover wine tasting secrets and really experience wine culture with visits to wineries and vineyards.

Centro de Interpretación de la Vid y el Vino (CIVI). Espacio Natural La Cuesta s/n

24410 -, León (Castilla y Leon)

+34 987049480


Wine towns

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What are the wines like?

The most widely grown grape, up to about 70% of vines, is the Mencia variety. The wines stand out for their response to ageing and characteristic velvety mouthfeel. The whites are clean and bright with a straw colour, soft tones and vibrant acidity. In turn, the rosé is lively, light, smooth, fruity and aromatic. Both young and old wines can be enjoyed on the trail, with and without barrel ageing.They offer a wide variety of fine wines, to meet the needs of any menu. The white wine is made from the authorised Godello and Doña Blanca grape varieties, complemented by different percentages of Palomino and Malvasía. And the rosé is made using at least 50% Mencía grapes. These are fresh, bright wines, with light colours and harmonious flavours. 

A glass of wine

What I can find

UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Las Médulas, a land shaped by mining in the Roman era.

Spots on Saint James’ Way where you can enjoy trips to vineyards and great wines to accompany tasty meals. The area is known for its producem such as Reineta apples, conference pears and Bierzo peppers A local sausage, botillo del Bierzo, is particularly well-known with many festivals (botilladas) based around it.

A full diary of popular food festivals throughout the year.

Amazingly beautiful natural areas such as the Sil Valley, the Aquilianos Hills or Sierra de los Ancares, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Hiking trails to enjoy the open air, such as ‘La Mirada Circular’ (the Circular view).

The National Energy Museum in Ponferrada

ENE National Energy Museum

How to get here

Getting to El Bierzo is very easy by road on the A-6 motorway, connecting directly with Madrid and Galicia. In addition, there are trains to Barcelona, Madrid, León, Irún and the main cities in Galicia. The airport in the provincial capital, León, also has daily flights to Madrid and Barcelona. Visitors are recommended to use Santiago de Compostela international airport, located less than 250 kilometres from El Bierzo region for international connections.The wineries and vineyards on the route are located in the area known as Bierzo country, to the north of the province of León (Castile and León). Some of the most representative spots include Ponferrada, Villafranca del Bierzo, Cacabelos, Carucedo, Carracedelo and Pieros. The world of wine is highly present in all these areas and visitors can enjoy trips to vineyards, tastings in restaurants, wine tastings and other wine-related activities.