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Vineyards and wineries in the Basque Country

Learn the art of tasting to find the most suitable wine. Travel to the origins of Txakoli to learn first hand where its taste comes from... an ambitious idea, but it is possible in the Basque Country. The journey around the main wineries and vineyards for this traditional Basque white wine includes three provinces: Vizcaya, Gipuzkoa and Álava, and each one is associated with one of its three designations of origin.Txakoli is a mild and lightly sparkling wine that is closely connected with the region. Visiting the areas where the grapes are grown, tasting its acidic, refreshing flavour and accompanying it with the magnificent local cuisine while surrounded by the intense green of the Basque Country is a feast for the senses.

A different and avant-garde wine

This is a wine that connects tradition and innovation Originally, production was based in the traditional Basque country houses. Today, the wineries have incorporated the necessary technological advances to substantially improve the wine and place it among the best white wines in Spain.The areas of Txakoli cultivation and production are distributed around the coast as well as inland, so whether you prefer the mountains or the sea it is easy to find the ideal winery to visit.

Discovering wine from the Basque Country

A good way to discover Txakoli wine is to visit the main vineyards and wineries producing the three different Designations of Origin. These are awarded to wines from Álava, Getaria and Vizcaya, and in these areas it’s easy to find establishments related to the production of Txakoli.  

Visit Txakoli wineries

Places to visit in Álava include Artziniega, Ayala, Llodio, Okondo and Amurrio.  In Getaria, the municipalities of Getaria, Zarautz and Aia produce some of the best wine. Finally, the main places where Txakoli with the Vizcaya designation of origin is produced are Orduña and Orozko.  Another interesting option is the Enobús, or “Txakolibus”. It is a tourist bus with on-board guides to visit the Uribe district of Vizcaya. Mungia, Bilbao, Plentzia and Gorliz are some of the locations that this bus passes through. This mode of transport gives you a chance to enjoy the stunning contrast between the intense green of the fields and the blue of the Cantabrian Sea. 

Txakoli vineyard

Txakoli Museum

Less than 30 kilometres from Bilbao you will find Bakio. This is a place with a long tradition of growing vines and producing Txakoli thanks to its microclimate and location on the coast. This is the main reason the Txakolingunea, the Txakoli museum, is located here.An interactive tour of the Txakolingunea gives an idea of the entire production process of this Basque wine. The museum tour includes large audiovisual displays to discover all the quirks of Txakoli.The Txakolingunea tour also includes something very stimulating: some basic wine-tasting notions to arouse the oenologist spirit that everyone has inside. There is also the opportunity to book a guided tour that ends with a tasting session. The Txakoli that has been produced in Bakio since the end of the 14th century belongs to the Bizkaiko Txakolina designation of origin, one of the three that exist in the Basque Country.

Txakoli Museum, Bakio
Corks from Txakoli bottles
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