Tourist taking a selfie with their dog on a beach in Gijón, Asturias

Recommendations for travelling with dogs in Spain


We all like travelling with our furry friends. Discovering new places, living unforgettable moments, spending more time together... But all too often, because of the place we’re travelling to, or simply because we aren’t aware of the options available, our dogs end up staying at home.Spain is a perfect destination for travelling with your dog. The pet-friendly trend is constantly growing, which means that dogs travelling with their families are welcome, making for a great experience for all concerned.

Before you travel

Before you start packing your cases, it’s important to follow this advice:- Check on the regulations currently in force in advance: Animals must always be accompanied by their owners, and duly microchipped. Furthermore, their health certificates must include a Spanish translation.- If you’ll be arriving by plane, check that the airline you’re travelling to Spain with allows pets on their aircraft, and whether your dog can stay with you in the cabin, or will need to travel in the hold. But regardless of by which means of transport you arrive in Spain, it’s essential to check the applicable regulations.- Prepare your trip in well in advance to make sure that you’ll be able to get all the necessary documentation in place for your dog. Take advantage of the two-month period before you’re due to set off to get your dog used to the pet carrier. - Your dog’s luggage is important too. Make sure that the pet carrier you choose is a suitable one for your dog, and will cover its needs. And do bear in mind that it might need a blanket for the journey, or some kind of medication.So, ready to go? We’re going to suggest 5 destinations that are ideal for travelling with your dog in Spain.

Tourist hugging her dog on the beach in Gijón, Asturias


If there’s a naturally pet-friendly city in Spain, it’s Gijón. This is thanks to the many accommodation options, restaurants, and all sorts of other establishments where dogs are always warmly welcomed. Furthermore, both the San Lorenzo Beach and the Rinconín Park are perfect public spaces for enjoying with your dog. And something you would never expect: you can also travel in a hot air balloon with your dog.

Couple with their dog in the port in Gijón, Asturias


In 2019 Valencia was awarded the pet-friendly city stamp, thanks to the many gardens and open spaces you can enjoy with your dog. Imagine being able to take a walk along the old course of the Turia River, take a swim together on the Pinedo beach, or relax and sip a drink on a café terrace. And the great thing about Valencia is that thanks to its privileged climate, it’s a city you can enjoy at almost any time of the year.

Dog at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Valencia Region)


The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is also the one that welcomes the most visitors wanting to travel with their dogs. Famous beaches such as Pollença, Andratx and Artà are also open to our canine friends. Furthermore, dogs are increasingly being permitted to travel on public transport, which makes it easier to get around the island and explore all those hidden corners together with your dog.

Tourist with their dog in Valldedemossa, Mallorca


If you like to spend quality time together outdoors, welcome! Bilbao is an interesting option given the many opportunities for pet-friendly tourism it has to offer, and it’s a place where you can take a walk with your dog in the most iconic parts of the city. Enjoy a walk by the River Nervión, discovering places like the Euskalduna Palace, the Guggenheim Museum, and the city’s old quarter. But it’s not just Bilbao, the Basque Country itself is a destination that always has a warm welcome for both tourists and their dogs.

Girl on the Basque coast stroking her dog, The Basque Country


A city packed with charm that’s perfect for you and your pet to enjoy. As it’s located just 30 kilometres from the Sierra Nevada mountains, you can easily go hiking during the day, and be back in the city in time for a stroll around its historic streets, or to tuck into a few tapas on a street café. And if you’re tired of walking, you can always jump into a taxiguau - a pet-friendly taxi - to get around the city. In addition to all these destinations, don’t forget that Spain is lucky enough to have some incredible landscapes full of life and opportunities for all sorts of activities for enjoying the fresh air with your pet.

Cat taking a nap with the Alhambra de Granada in the background, Andalusia.
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