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Andalusian country house

Unique accommodation in Spain


If you are coming to Spain and you're looking for a different and original place to stay, take a look at these suggestions. Castles, caves, traditional buildings and other places surrounded by nature and full of art and culture.

  • Indiano mansion

    Casonas Asturianas - country houses in Asturias in unique settings

    The Asturian countryside, which combines sea and mountain, is ideal for this rural accommodation. The Quality Club Casonas Asturianas offers around thirty hotel establishments located in unique buildings ranging from Modernist-style palaces and 17th century buildings to architectural ensembles typical of the region and the so-called Casas de Indianos (houses built by the Spanish emigrants who found fortune in America). You can stay at one of these places if you want to discover the many attractions in this region in the north of Spain.

  • Sacromonte Visitor Centre, Granada (Andalusia)

    Sleeping in a cave

    The city of Granada, in the south of Spain, has many caves that are houses where you can stay and enjoy a very special time. Some of them have a swimming pool or even a fireplace. These houses keep a constant temperature of 18ºC, so you can get away from the heat in summer and the cold in winter. You shouldn't miss sleeping on the side of a ravine, with a porch made out of plants!

  • Pazo de Oca mansion

    Galician country manors: culture and nature

    Country manors in Galicia offer a great chance to combine rural tourism and popular culture. If you want to take a break on the Way of Saint James, or if you want to discover the melancholic atmosphere of the north, these houses are the perfect choice. With beautiful shapes and typical elements like ‘hórreos’ (raised granaries) and dovecots, these 17th and 18th century houses will make you feel like you are in a fairytale.

  • Country house in Carratraca, Málaga (Andalusia)

    Andalusian farmhouses: rural charm

    Many typical farmhouses in Andalusia, which later became the residences of the nobility, have become special places to stay which maintain the tradition of this land. Some of these typically whitewashed country houses have private gardens, they are all equipped with the services you need and have plenty of space inside. You can find them in many different places, like close to Nature Reserves, the beach or the city. These houses are one of the best options to relax and discover the south of Spain.

  • Room in Posada La Pascasia

    'Posadas Reales' in Castile-León, the charm of the countryside

    If you want to stay in traditional rural accommodation with many different leisure options, the ‘Posadas Reales’ in Castile-León are the place for you. You'll be able to choose from a palace adjoining a 15th century civil defensive tower, an old mill and bakery, and an old farmhouse, to name but a few. The buildings are always integrated into the beautiful landscape in towns full of monuments and steeped in history, where you can go on all kinds of walks and enjoy delicious food.

  • Guesthouse in San Juan de la Peña Monastery (Huesca, Aragón)

    Lodges in Spain

    Relaxation, countryside and art combine in Spain's inns, which include medieval monasteries, old palaces, convents, old barns and flour mills. There is a particularly wide range of these types of accommodation in Aragón, Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha. Tradition and comfort come together in these historical buildings, to offer you a very special stay.

  • Parador de Santo Estevo, in the heart of Ribeira Sacra

    The pleasure of a holiday in Spain's Parador Hotels

    Many of the Paradores are located in castles, palaces and historical buildings. These monuments are scattered all over Spain, and have been refurbished in order to offer you all the modern comforts. They also offer cultural routes and a wide variety of activities that will help you to discover Spain.

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