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Ten tips for choosing your accommodation in Spain

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    Be clear about the type of accommodation you are looking for

    In Spain, you can take your pick between hotels, rural houses, unique accommodation, serviced flats, tourist apartments, hostels and camping sites. Furthermore, all the types of accommodations are divided into categories according to their services and characteristics. In short, hotels are the most common option and make for a very comfortable tourist trip. If you are looking for something special, we recommend that you check out the unique accommodation options such as the Paradores or the typical regional offers in each area. Rentals and apartment hotels have kitchens. On the other hand, guesthouses, hostels and camping sites are cheaper alternatives. 

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    Check the location and the available transport

    Take a good look at the exact address of each accommodation and choose according to your priorities. If you’re only planning on being around the tourist area or going out at night, we recommend the downtown area; where in most cities everything will be within walking distance. Venturing out of the historic centres and tourist areas, accommodation tends to be a little cheaper and often has excellent communication links with the centre.

  • Friends on a computer

    Read comments from other travellers

    Ultimately, these are opinions from people like you who are travelling to discover and enjoy a destination. You can find them on most online booking websites and in online accommodation reviews. When evaluating these comments, take into account when the publication was posted and the type of traveller who posted it. In many cases, the establishments themselves respond to the comments with very useful information and you can often filter the reviews by country of origin, language or even type of tourist.

  • Breakfast at the hotel

    Check what’s included in your price

    The price of the room may include additional services. For example, ask whether you have any meals included. More often than not, breakfast or half board (breakfast and one meal) is included, and sometimes full board or the minibar service in the room are too. Also ask about other services depending on your needs, such as the Internet connection or air conditioning in the room, the pick-up or transfer service to the airport, whether there are laundry facilities, a swimming pool or gym, places to park, etc.

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    Confirm check-in time

    As a general rule, in Spain you can arrive after 2pm on your day of arrival, and usually with hotels you can check in at any time. However, we always recommend that you contact the place of accommodation to let them know your approximate time of arrival, especially if you are staying in an apartment or when you expect to arrive later than 6pm. If you arrive at your place of accommodation earlier and need to leave your luggage or take advantage of one of its services, bear in mind that most places will be happy to offer you whatever you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Suitcase

    Confirm check-out time

    On your check-out day, you will usually have to leave your room by 12 noon. If you are planning on going sightseeing that day, remember that most places will give you instructions to leave your luggage there until later in the day. On occasion, if the hotel is not fully booked and you need it, you can ask to leave the room later.

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    If you are travelling with children...

    In Spain, it is normal to find crèche and children’s entertainment services in many of the accommodations, especially during peak tourist seasons. Enquire about them when making your reservation. There are often other services available that you may be interested in, e.g. the option to add an extra bed to your room or a crib for little ones.

  • Accessibility

    Hotels accessible to all

    Many hotels are accessible or have adapted facilities. As always, our best advice is for you to contact the place accommodation directly and ask any questions you may have. 

  • Pet in arms

    If you’re bringing your pet along with you

    Always check before completing the reservation if pets are allowed in the accommodation. It is becoming more and more common to be able to bring pets to rural accommodation sites, and there are increasingly more dog-friendly hotels. Bookings are usually limited to a single animal per room, and it is usually easier for pets weighing less than 10 kg to be accepted. Of course, always keep all your pet’s documentation with you at all times.

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    Avoid fraud

    Tourist lodgings in Spain are regulated. In all cases, a distinctive plaque indicating the type of tourist accommodation and its category must be displayed at the main entrance. And maximum prices must also be shown at the reception area. If you have any suspicions regarding any place of accommodation, do not hesitate to contact the nearest tourist office directly. On the other hand, comments from other travellers on the Internet, direct contact with your travel agency, or consulting exclusively with internationally-recognised booking agencies will help you find more information and ensure your booking is secure.

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