Namaste! Some of the best places in Spain for yoga retreats


Imagine being able to unroll your mat at the heart of nature, in the middle of that landscape that you always see in your mind’s eye while you’re doing yoga. Or even better, forget all about that mat, and feel the soft grass or the sand beneath your feet.The Balearic Islands and the Canary Island are great destinations for these types of activities, with inspiring little slices of paradise, for example on Mallorca, Lanzarote, La Gomera and Fuerteventura. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be able to completely unwind among their volcanic landscapes and on beaches lapped by turquoise waters?And there’s inland Spain, which has landscapes where calm reigns supreme, and that are perfect destinations for organising that yoga or meditation retreat where you’ll be completely free from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Would you like to discover some of them?


Beyond hot weather, flamenco, music and partying, the south of Spain invites you to visit spots where you can meditate surrounded by the natural beauties of the region. The fact is that Andalusia is the region of Spain with the highest number of yoga retreats.

Lanjarón (Granada)Rather like lines from a poem, on each of the drinking fountains scattered around Lanjarón you’ll find a brief quote about the village. If you check out the one by writer Pedro Antonio de Alarcón from Granada, you’ll be able to read: ¡Alto y parada!¡Soltemos la pluma y tomemos los pinceles! [Stop! Leave that pen and grab your brushes!] Words that express the beauty of what´s known as ‘el pueblo del agua’, or the ‘village of water’.The sound of flowing water echoes through Lanjarón like a quiet music, perfect for keeping you company while you sit and meditate by the waterfalls of the Tello Forest. The clean mountain air, views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, good weather, and the peace and tranquillity of the natural world has drawn many people to this area on yoga retreats.

Yurts in a retreat near Lanjarón in Granada, Andalusia

Sierra de Grazalema (Cadiz)The charm of the white village of Grazalema has made it one of the most important rural tourism destinations in Cadiz. And its location in the Grazalema Nature Reserve has made it a top spot for yoga lovers looking for somewhere to get away from the busy routines of everyday life.After following a hiking route through the Garganta Verde canyon, you can stroll through forests of Spanish fir where you’re sure to find some great spots where doing yoga also becomes a feast for the eyes. If you’re lucky, the songs of some of the many species of birds that live in the mountains will add a soundtrack to your sessions. Extend your relaxation routine by cooling down in the River Majaceite - its refreshingly cold waters will revitalise you and make you feel like new!

Detail of a retreat centre in the Grazalema Nature Reserve in Cadiz, Andalusia


Asturias is nature in its very purest form. In the meadows, mountains and forests you’ll discover treasures such as waterfalls, springs and monasteries that will make your retreat a deeply therapeutic experience. For this reason, almost any Asturian village can be a good place to discover natural spaces for doing yoga. For example, there’s the tiny, pretty village of Ceceda, perched on the top of a hill and surrounded by peaceful valleys, or the Bosque de Peloño, also known as the ‘Bosque Perdido’ or ‘Lost Forest’, where the lush green vegetation gives life to a multitude of different kinds of flora and fauna.

Group of students doing yoga in the Bosque Perdido in Cereceda, Asturias

Aragonese Pyrenees

Throughout the valleys of the Aragonese Pyrenees you’ll find trails that will take your breath away; the challenges of the route and the meditation refuges scattered along the different trails offer an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self, and you’ll find some great places for a yoga retreat.In the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park you’ll be able to practise yoga and enjoy views of one of the highest waterfalls in the whole of Europe at the same time Or if you’d prefer somewhere less well-known, visit the smallest of the park’s valleys: Escuaín, where you can lose yourself among the impressive gorges and ravines.

People meditating on a retreat facing Sestrales de Vió in Huesca, Aragon
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