Pig slaughter in Burgo de Osma

Pig slaughter in Burgo de Osma


The village of Burgo de Osma, in Soria, celebrates the Pig Slaughter Culinary Festival.

They recover an ancient tradition rooted in many of the region's rural areas: entire families would gather around a table to sacrifice a pig. This ancestral ritual – in which hams, black pudding, chorizos, sirloins and other cured meats and sausages were made by hand – was a social, bond-affirming day. The process is described and explained to the visitors to the village. After the slaughter and a tour of the Pork Museum, there is a meal made from pork and pork products. Folkloric groups, bagpipers and various characters provide background entertainment.


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Pig slaughter in Burgo de Osma

Burgo de Osma, El, Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma, Soria  (Castilla y Leon)

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