Telephone What are the main options for phoning from Spain?

  • If your mobile phone account was contracted in the European Union, your normal rate will apply in Spain. You may need to activate the roaming service through your operator.

    For phone calls from mobile phones contracted outside the European Union, each call will have a surcharge on top of the normal rate, which depends on the operator. Two good options can be either to purchase a prepaid SIM card with minutes for calls from a mobile phone or to purchase separate calling cards that you can use from any phone. If you opt for a SIM card, remember that the phone must have GSM technology.

    In big cities, there are also many telephone boxes from which you can make international calls.

    Remember that to phone another country from Spain you must first dial 00 and then the country code of the destination country. Spain’s code is “34” and it must also be dialled when phoning Spain from abroad from any telephone. Calls within Spain do not require a code and all phone numbers have nine digits.